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Module 1: Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies
  • Define and explain the basic characteristics and behavior of RF
  • Apply the basic concepts of RF mathematics and measurement
  • Identify RF signal characteristics as they relate to antennas
  • Explain and apply the functionality of RF antennas, antenna systems, and accessories
  • Explain the roles of WLAN and networking industry organizations
  • Explain and apply the various Physical Layer (PHY) solutions of the IEEE 802.11-2020 standard and amendments including supported channel widths, spatial streams, and data rates
  • Understanding spread spectrum technologies, Modulation and Coding Schemes (MCS)
  • Identify and apply 802.11 WLAN functional concepts
  • Describe the OSI and TCP/IP model layers affected by the 802.11-2020 standard and amendments
  • Identify and comply with regulatory domain requirements and constraints
  • Explain basic use case scenarios for 802.11 wireless networks
  • Describe the components and functions that make up an 802.11 wireless service set
  • Define terminology related to the 802.11 MAC and PHY
  • Identify and explain the MAC frame format
  • Identify and explain the purpose of the three main 802.11 frame types
  • Explain the process used to locate and connect to a WLAN
  • Explain 802.11 channel access methods
  • Explain 802.11 MAC operations
  • Describe features of, select, and install WLAN devices, control, and management systems
  • Describe and implement Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Define and describe differences, advantages and constraints of the different wireless LAN architectures
  • Describe basic design considerations for common deployment scenarios in wireless such as coverage requirements, roaming considerations and throughput.
  • Demonstrate awareness of common proprietary features in wireless networks.
  • Determine and configure required network services supporting the wireless network
  • Identify weak security options that should not be used in enterprise WLANs
  • Identify and configure effective security mechanisms for enterprise WLANs
  • Understand basic concepts of WPA3 and Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE) and enhancements over WPA2
  • Describe common security options and tools used in wireless networks
  • Verify and document that design requirements are met including coverage, throughput, roaming, and connectivity with a post-implementation validation survey.
  • Verify and document that design requirements are met including coverage, throughput, roaming, and connectivity with a post-implementation validation survey.
  • Perform application testing to validate WLAN performance
  • Understand and use the basic features of validation tools
  • Describe and apply common troubleshooting tools used in WLANs
  • Identify and troubleshoot common wireless issues
Rahul Redkar



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