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AUCCE1 -Administering Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Part 1 v2.0
Power Packed 29:50 Hours (Edited from 40 hours of video content) Recorded on 07-Aug-21

Includes 110+ Tests Questions (Qubits42)
Module 1: Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise v10 Foundations
  • Introducing UCCE
  • Unified CCE Components and Architecture
  • UCCE Terms, Routing and Additional Components
  • Accessing UCCE Tools
  • Configuration Manager
  • Script Editor Overview
  • Scripting for CVP
  • CTI Options Overview
  • Configuring ICM for Agent Functionality
  • Configuring UCM for Agent Functionality
  • Scripting ICM for Agent Functionality
  • Basic IVR Scripting with MicroApps
  • ICM MicroApps
  • Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise Scripting Using MicroApplications
  • ICM Considerations for Reporting and Monitoring
  • Precision Routing
  • RONA
  • Basic VXML Functionality
  • Installing and Configuring VXML
  • Cisco Unified IC Overview
  • Cisco CUIC Reporting
  • Overview of the UCCE Lab Environment
  • Explore your Voice Gateway (Ingress/VXML)
  • Explore CVP and ICM Servers
  • Tools and Utilities for administering ICM Dialled Numbers and Call Types
  • Prepare a simple script
  • Use ICM Tools for ICM Scripts
  • Configure ICM for Basic Agent and Skill Group Functionality
  • Configure UCM for Agent Functionality
  • Install CTIOS Agent Desktop
  • Testing Basic Skill Group functionality in an ICM Script
  • Media Files and Variable in ICM Scripting
  • Basic IVR Scripting with MicroApps
  • Configuring CCE for Monitoring, Reporting
  • Configuring Precision Routing
  • RONA
  • Implement Administrative Scripts
  • Configure Calls using SIP with Proxy
  • CTI Route Point Initiated Calls
  • Contact Center Management Portal (CCMP) **Optional**
  • VXML Server Configuration and Call Studio Installation
  • Create and Deploy a Cisco Unified Call Studio Project
  • Integrate VXML Application with an ICM Script
  • CUIC Reports and Dashboards
Dipak Singh



Cisco:ACUCC v12.5 – Administering Cisco Unified CommunicationsCisco:Administering Advanced Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCEAA) v1.0
Cisco:Administering Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCEA) v1.0Cisco:Administering Cisco Unified Communications Manager (ACUCM) v12
Cisco:Administering Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unity Connection [UC11ADM]Cisco:Administering Cisco Unified Communications Manager v11.x - ACUCM v11.x
Cisco:Administering Cisco Unified Communications Manager v12.x & Administering Cisco Unity Connection (ACUCM with AUC)Cisco:Administering Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (ACUIC)
Cisco:Administering Cisco Unity Connection v11.x - ACUC v11.xCisco:Advanced Administration of Unified Communications Manager and Features (AAUCMF)
Cisco:Advanced Scripting for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express - ASCCXCisco:AUCCE1 -Administering Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Part 1 v2.0
Cisco:AUCCE2-Administering Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Part 2 v2.0Cisco:CCIE Collaboration
Cisco:Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA)Cisco:Cisco Certified Technician Supporting Cisco Collaboration Devices (CLTECH) v1.0
Cisco:Cisco Contact Center Enterprise Advanced Admin & Reporting Boot Camp (CCEAAR)Cisco:Cisco Contact Center Enterprise Fundamentals & Admin Boot Camp (CCEABC)
Cisco:Cisco Meeting Server Advanced (COLLAB350) v4.0Cisco:Cisco Meeting Server Intermediate (COLLAB250) v4.0

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