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Download Course Contents
Module 1: Introduction to Blockchain Technology
  • Blockchain - the cornerstone of a decentralization strategy
  • Decentralization
  • Introduction to blockchain (history and evolution of blockchain through bitcoin)
  • What fundamental issue blockchain resolves?
  • Blockchain fundamentals
  • Distributed ledger technology (DLT)
  • Blockchain classification
  • Blockchain as a transaction registry
  • Advantages of blockchain
  • Applications of blockchain
  • Challenges towards blockchain adoption
  • Future scope
  • What are crypto assets
  • Tokenization
  • Crypto-currencies, altcoins etc.
  • Introduction to some cryptocurrencies (zcash, litecoin)
  • Provisioning crypto assets, cryptocurrencies
  • ICOs
  • Token standards (ERC 20)
  • Securitization of physical assets
  • What is mining
  • Why mining is performed / required?
  • Different types of mining
  • Solo mining
  • Pool mining
  • Hybrid mining
  • Mining vs. Forging
  • Design of a mining rig
  • Problem of centralization
  • Recent 51% attacks
  • Introduction
  • History
  • Ownership
  • Bitcoin value - how is it determined?
  • Bitcoin blockchain structure
  • Components of the bitcoin network
  • Mining and pow consensus
  • Task of miners
  • Transactions
  • How transactions work in bitcoin
  • Script language
  • Utxo
  • Financial investment and payments
  • Exchanges
  • Payment service provider
  • Merchant acceptance
  • Wallets
  • Types of wallets
  • Security and privacy
  • Legality and taxation
  • Bitcoin limitations
  • Bitcoin variants
  • Bitcoin clients
  • Forking
  • History
  • Projects
  • Frameworks
  • Tools
  • Caliper
  • Introduction
  • History
  • Ether
  • Performance (in comparison with bitcoin)
  • Elements of the ethereum ecosystem
  • Ethereum virtual machine
  • Smart contracts
  • Solidity language
  • Writing smart contracts
  • Supporting protocols
  • Benefits
  • Challenges
  • DOs, DAOs
  • Decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs)
  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Technology
  • Media
  • Healthcare
  • Others
  • Sample use cases
  • Supply chain – food supply chain
  • Identity management
  • Identity and blockchain
  • What is identity
  • Identity on blockchain
  • Examples
  • Advantages
  • Design of a blockchain based identity solutions
  • Creating networks
  • Solidity language in detail
  • Examples using remix IDE

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