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Bash Shell Scripting

Includes 110+ Tests Questions (Qubits42)
Module 1: The Linux Environment
  • The Origin of Linux
  • Files and File Systems
  • Directories
  • Inodes and Links
  • Pipe and Socket Files
  • Device Files
  • Lab Session
  • Command Basics
  • Command-Line Editing
  • Multiple Commands
  • Multiline Commands
  • Command History
  • Directory Commands
  • Basic file permissions
  • Lab Session
  • Listing Files
  • Getting Help
  • Fixing the Display
  • Working with Files
  • Working with People
  • Lab Session
  • What is a shell?
  • Types of shell
  • Shell features
  • Shell Aliases
  • Customizing Your Prompt
  • Built-In Versus Linux Commands
  • The Bash Hash Table
  • The Set and Shopt Commands
  • Key Binding
  • Lab Session
  • Which shell?
  • Recommended shell
  • Pseudo code before writing shell script
  • Creating a Script
  • Magic Sha−Bang
  • How to execute a script
  • Exit status
  • Shell Debugging Features
  • Lab Session
  • Introduction to Variables
  • Variable Assignment
  • Displaying and using variables
  • Variable Attributes
  • Quoting Variables
  • Escape Characters
  • The eval Command
  • Concatenation and sub-strings
  • Lab Session
  • Creating array Variable
  • Substituting and counting
  • Using integer variables as element numbers
  • Lab Session
  • Reading user input
  • Positional parameters
  • Creating positional parameters
  • Lab Session
  • Variable attributes
  • Formatted output with printf
  • Terminal echo
  • I/O Redirection
  • Pipe and tee
  • Lab Session
  • File descriptors
  • Reading / writing using file descriptors
  • Redirecting, parameter lists and 'here' documents
  • Creating parameter lists from input lines
  • Lab Session
  • Creating Integer Variables
  • Using arithmetic operators and data
  • Lab Session
  • Logic testing
  • Conditional operators
  • Multi-way branching and the 'case' statement
  • Lab Session
  • Basic expressions
  • Regular expressions
  • Meta-characters
  • Pattern combinations
  • Using Character Classes
  • The grep and egrep command
  • Lab Session
  • The 'while' loop
  • The 'until' loop
  • The 'for' loop
  • Breaking out of a loop and continuing
  • The 'select' loop
  • Lab Session
  • Processing arguments
  • The getopts and OPTARG variable
  • The OPTIND variable
  • Lab Session
  • Displaying current shell functions
  • Declaring and using functions
  • Variable scope
  • Function recursion
  • Lab Session
  • Common signals
  • Running Scripts in Background Mode
  • Scheduling your script
  • Starting the Script at Boot Time
  • The trap commands
  • Lab Session
  • Record processing
  • Pattern matching and relational expressions
  • Command line arguments
  • Lab Session
  • Substituting text
  • Deleting and printing lines
  • Reading and writing files
  • Multiple 'sed' editor functions
  • Lab Session
  • Creating Graphical Script
  • User Management Script
  • Directory Monitoring Script
  • User Login Monitoring Script
  • Email Report by Script

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A. 3 months from date of delivery.

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A. It is only for the self-use of the purchaser.

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A. If the latest update comes within 3 months after the sale we can give the updated version.

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A. Videos can only be streamed and not downloaded.

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A. Presently Flexi is only available in English.

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