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AZ-040T00: Automating Administration with PowerShell


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Module 1: Getting started with Windows PowerShell
  • Windows PowerShell overview
  • Understanding Windows PowerShell command syntax
  • Find commands and getting help in Windows PowerShell
  • Lab : Configuring the Windows PowerShell console application
  • Lab : Configuring the Windows PowerShell ISE application
  • Lab : Finding and running Windows PowerShell commands
  • Lab : Using Help and About files
  • Active Directory Domain Services administration cmdlets
  • Network configuration cmdlets
  • Server administration cmdlets
  • Windows PowerShell in Windows 10
  • Lab : Creating a website
  • Lab : Configuring network settings on Windows Server
  • Lab : Creating and managing Active Directory objects
  • Understand the pipeline
  • Select, sort, and measure objects
  • Filter objects out of the pipeline
  • Enumerate objects in the pipeline
  • Send and pass pipeline data as output
  • Lab : Selecting, sorting, and displaying data
  • Lab : Filtering objects
  • Lab : Enumerating objects
  • Lab : Converting objects
  • Using PSProviders
  • Using PSDrives
  • Lab : Create a new Active Directory group
  • Lab : Creating a registry key for your future scripts
  • Lab : Creating files and folders on a remote computer
  • Understand CIM and WMI
  • Query data by using CIM and WMI
  • Make changes by using CIM and WMI
  • Lab : Querying information by using WMI
  • Lab : Querying information by using CIM
  • Lab : Invoking methods
  • Use variables
  • Manipulate variables
  • Manipulate arrays and hash tables
  • Lab : Using hash tables
  • Lab : Using arrays
  • Lab : Working with variable types
  • Introduction to scripting with Windows PowerShell
  • Script constructs
  • Import data from files
  • Accept user input
  • Troubleshooting and error handling
  • Functions and modules
  • Lab : Signing a script
  • Lab : Processing an array with a ForEach loop
  • Lab : Processing items by using If statements
  • Lab : Creating users based on a CSV file
  • Lab : Querying disk information from remote computers
  • Lab : Updating the script to use alternate credentials
  • Use basic Windows PowerShell remoting
  • Use advanced Windows PowerShell remoting techniques
  • Use PSSessions
  • Lab : Managing multiple computers
  • Lab : Using implicit remoting
  • Lab : Performing one-to-many remoting
  • Lab : Performing one-to-one remoting
  • Lab : Enabling remoting on the local computer
  • Azure PowerShell
  • Introduce Azure Cloud Shell
  • Manage Azure VMs with PowerShell
  • Manage storage and subscriptions
  • Lab : Installing Azure PowerShell module
  • Lab : Installing Cloud Shell
  • Lab : Managing Azure resources with Azure PowerShell
  • Manage Microsoft 365 user accounts, licenses, and groups with PowerShell
  • Manage Exchange Online with PowerShell
  • Manage SharePoint Online with PowerShell
  • Manage Microsoft Teams with PowerShell
  • Lab : Managing Exchange Online resources with Windows PowerShell
  • Lab : Managing SharePoint Online with Windows PowerShell
  • Lab : Managing Microsoft 365 user and group objects with Windows PowerShell
  • Lab : Connecting to Microsoft 365 with Windows PowerShell
  • Use background jobs
  • Use scheduled jobs
  • Lab : Starting and managing jobs
  • Lab : Creating a scheduled job
Abhilasha Sharma



Microsoft:Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell (55318A)Microsoft:AZ-040T00: Automating Administration with PowerShell
Microsoft:AZ-140T00: Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual DesktopMicrosoft:AZ-400T00-A: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps solutions
Microsoft:AZ-400T01-A: Implementing DevOps Development ProcessesMicrosoft:AZ-400T02-A: Implementing Continuous Integration
Microsoft:AZ-400T03-A: Implementing Continuous DeliveryMicrosoft:AZ-400T05-A: Implementing Application Infrastructure
Microsoft:AZ-400T06-A: Implementing Continuous FeedbackMicrosoft:AZ-400T07-A: Designing a DevOps Strategy
Microsoft:Azure administration with PowerShellMicrosoft:MS-55039: Windows PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking
Microsoft:PowerShell 5.0 and Desired State ConfigurationMicrosoft:WS-013T00: Azure Stack HCI

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