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Module 1: Introduction to Mac Hardware
  • Participants will learn how to differentiate between Mac models—based on hardware features—including how to identify general requirements and feature limitations.
  • Participants learn about macOS installation and recovery. They identify the hardware and software requirements for installation; discuss the preparation and upgrade process; and explain hard drive formatting and partition types. Participants also identify
  • Participants compare and contrast user account capabilities; add and delete users; and learn about built-in password tools. Participants also discuss keychain passwords and how to resolve keychain password discrepancies.
  • Participants explore the security and privacy features in macOS.
  • Participants learn about the default file folders that are created during a macOS installation
  • Participants identify, describe, and configure different macOS file and folder permissions. Participants also identify appropriate built-in tools and techniques to help isolate and resolve permissions issues.
  • Participants use Time Machine and explore its features. They’ll learn how to create, restore, and manage a secure backup.
  • Participants discuss power management, and then perform activities such as identifying resources and best practices for managing power on Mac systems.
  • Participants identify problems related to wireless and wired networks. They learn how to isolate and resolve environmental, educational, and device issues. Participants also discuss troubleshooting tools and techniques to use when they isolate connection
  • Participants learn about macOS troubleshooting tools. They practice using various troubleshooting utilities and techniques to resolve issues in mini hands-on labs.
  • Participants are guided through the startup process and challenged with relevant customer scenarios, including issues that can occur during startup
  • Participants will learn to use the Visual/Mechanical Inspection (VMI) guide for Mac notebook computers, and identify eligibility of a Mac as in-warranty, out-of-warranty, or ineligible for service.
  • Participants will build on the basic troubleshooting skills they learned in Service Fundamentals and focus on Mac-specific concepts and scenarios.

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