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Developing with the SharePoint Framework 55249-A
Power Packed 25:37 Hours (Edited from 40 hours of video content) Recorded on 27-Dec-21

Includes 230+ Tests Questions (Qubits42)
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Module 1: SharePoint Framework Overview
  • Why SharePoint Framework?
  • Modern toolchain
  • The Future
  • Setup Office 365
  • Software Installation
  • Preparing your machine for the SharePoint Framework
  • Modules
  • Creating a Project
  • Using Modules
  • CommonJS
  • Important Modules
  • Framework Client Web Parts
  • What is a Client Web Part?
  • Creating a project
  • Exploring Project Contents
  • Running Your Project
  • Gulp tasks
  • Web Part Configuration
  • Create a SharePoint Framework Web Part
  • What is JavaScript
  • What is ECMAScript
  • Using libraries to extend JavaScript functionality
  • Debugging JavaScript with the browser debugger
  • Variables Objects Arrays and Functions
  • JavaScript Scopes and Closures
  • Function Parameters
  • Function Constructors
  • Prototypes
  • Error handling
  • JavaScript Basics
  • Callback Pattern
  • Options hashing
  • Self-invoking functions
  • Class Pattern
  • Module Pattern
  • The self reference
  • What is TypeScript
  • Using TypeScript in your project
  • Variables
  • Functions
  • Interfaces and Classes
  • Modules and Namespaces
  • Creating a toy store with TypeScript
  • Client Web Part Properties
  • Webpart Properties
  • Adding Properties
  • Using Properties
  • Preconfigured Entries
  • Dynamic Data
  • Custom Properties
  • Advanced Configuration
  • Loading Libraries and/or Frameworks
  • Considerations
  • NPM Package
  • NPM Package
  • Loading A Local Copy
  • Loading jQuery and plugins
  • Component loader
  • What is SASS?
  • The Language
  • Variables
  • Types
  • Comments
  • Nested Rules and Properties
  • Partials
  • Extend
  • Mixins
  • Functions
  • Sass in a SharePoint Framework project
  • Loading SharePoint data
  • Page Context
  • Web Services Overview
  • REST and ODATA Fundamentals
  • SharePoint REST API's
  • AJAX
  • Framework HttpClient
  • Solving cross domain issues with CORS
  • Solving cross domain issues with CORS
  • Build and Deploy a Framework solution
  • Overview
  • Building
  • Deployment
  • Deploying a SharePoint Framework client web part
  • What is React JS
  • Model View ViewModel (MVVM)
  • React Components
  • What is JSX
  • Html Tags vs React Components
  • Creating Components
  • JavaScript Expressions
  • JSX Gotchas
  • Relationship with State Machines
  • Handling Component State
  • Adding Interactivity by means of events
  • Using Multiple Components
  • Transferring props between components
  • The Lifecycle of a Component
  • Alternative Syntax
  • SharePoint Framework and React
  • Building React components to view the members and permissions in your site
  • What Is Office UI Fabric?
  • Office UI Fabric Versions
  • Fabric Core Styles
  • Example Uses
  • Fabric Components
  • Fabric JS
  • ngOfficeUIFabric
  • Fabric React
  • Using Office UI Fabric React Components
  • Deploying SharePoint Artifacts
  • Deployment Options
  • Asset Types
  • Features
  • Introduction to Microsoft Graph
  • Authentication Providers
  • Microsoft Graph API
  • Development
  • SharePoint Framework Extensions
  • Extensions Overview
  • Creating Extensions
  • Application Customizers
  • Field Customizers
  • Command Sets
  • Using the new Microsoft Graph client from within an application extension
  • What is Webpack
  • Entries and Outputs
  • Using Loaders
  • The need for Plugins
  • Installing Gulp as a node module
  • Gulp primitives
  • Gulp by example
  • Included test frameworks
  • Running tests
  • Component testing
Ankur Jain



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