Microsoft .Net Training & Certification Courses

Microsoft .Net Training & Certification Courses

.NET is a Microsoft operating system platform which incorporates a suite of tools, applications and services. Koenig offers a range of Microsoft .Net training courses that support building and running the next generation of applications. Students can specialize in C#, VB .Net and ASP .Net by registering for C# training, VB .Net training or ASP .Net certification courses respectively from Koenig.

Certifications/ Courses Duration Available Dates Fees starting from
download Developing ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications 5 27-31 Aug 2018, 3-7 Sep 2018, 8-12 Oct 2018 $ 1,200
download C# Advance 5 27-31 Aug 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,200
download Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 5 20-24 Aug 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 8-12 Oct 2018 $ 1,200
download C# Essentials 5 26-30 Aug 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,710
download Developing Windows Communication Foundation Solutions with Visual Studio 2010 5 1-5 Oct 2018, 5-9 Nov 2018 $ 1,200
download ASP.Net MVC Core ( Visual Studio) 5 3-7 Sep 2018, 24-28 Sep 2018, 29 Oct -2 Nov 2018 $ 1,700
download Developing Data Access Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 7 10-16 Sep 2018, 15-21 Oct 2018 $ 2,460
download Developing Windows Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 8 1-8 Oct 2018, 5-12 Nov 2018 $ 2,730
download Developing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 7 20-26 Aug 2018, 1-7 Oct 2018, 5-11 Nov 2018 $ 2,390
download Introduction to Web Development using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 7 20-26 Aug 2018, 1-7 Oct 2018, 5-11 Nov 2018 $ 2,390
download Microsoft Visual Studio Administrating Team Foundation Server 2015 5 20-24 Aug 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,340
MCSD: App Builder 20 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 3,410
MCSA: Web Applications 10 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 On Request
download Building Bots with Microsoft Bot Framework 3 3-5 Sep 2018, 1-3 Oct 2018, 29-31 Oct 2018 $ 820
Building bots with Microsoft bot framework with Node.js 5 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,700

Who should do Microsoft .NET training and certification course?

  • Software Developers
  • Software Engineers

Roles and Responsibilities of .NET Developers

The roles and responsibilities of a .NET Developer are listed here:

  • Develop software using programming languages such as VB.NET, C# and MSSQL
  • Develop client displays and user interfaces
  • Perform software testing and execute quality checks
  • Introduce changes in applications as per the feedback received from clients or end users
  • Assist the team in handling projects
  • Coordinate with other teams

Microsoft .NET training and certification course Benefits

Upon completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand .NET concepts
  • Understand programming with C# and VB.NET
  • Execute exception handling in C#/ VB.NET
  • Explain Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Develop windows forms applications
  • Develop web applications using ASP.NET MVC 5
  • Identify web services and windows services
  • Build Bots with Microsoft Bot Framework


  • Knowledge of C and C#
  • Basic understanding of Visual Studio


Why is .NET important?

Microsoft .NET covers all aspects of computing like operating systems, web browsers, internet servers and handheld devices and helps us develop, access and interact with internet applications. .NET is important to anyone accessing information electronically.

Can I do courses in parallel?

Yes, a candidate can do any number of courses in parallel owing to any constraint. For example, a candidate can attend classes for VB.NET, C# and ASP.NET in parallel.

How many languages does .NET support?

.NET supports more than 44 languages like Visual Basic, C#, C++, COBOL, Perl, Java and Pascal, to name a few.

How can .NET support so many languages?

The prerequisite for any language to become a .NET language is that it should comply with the Common Language Runtime standard. Here, the code is compiled to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) and thus, becomes a Managed Code. This code can then run in .NET environment.

What are the career prospects upon completing .NET course?

Many popular companies seek .NET professionals for various web projects. This certification makes you eligible for roles such as Software Developer, Dot Net Developer, Dot Net Engineer and Software Engineer. The average salary of a .NET developer is approximately $88,966 per annum.

What is .NET framework?

The .NET framework is a software development tool offered by Microsoft that is used to develop next-generation software and applications meant to run on the Windows platform.

Why do we need .NET framework?

The .NET framework is highly reliable and secure and develops good quality software and applications. Apart from these, the .NET framework also helps reduce development time, ensures smooth functioning of complex business tasks and helps businesses improve and become more efficient.

How much does a .NET developer make?

The annual salary of a .NET developer ranges from $80,000 to $114,000 in the United States, making it an average salary of $100,000 per annum.

What is ASP.NET and what is it used for?

ASP.NET (Active Server Pages.NET) is a web development model introduced by Microsoft that is used to create web-based applications with minimum coding. ASP.NET is an extremely valuable tool that allows developers and programmers to build dynamic, robust and rich websites and applications with the help of programming languages like VB and C#.

What is MVC in .NET?

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a pattern that separates an application into three main components - the model, the view and the controller. Every component is designed to perform a specific function. It is the most in-demand industry standard web development platform used to create efficient projects.

Which Microsoft certification should a .NET developer do?

A .NET developer must opt for a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification if he/she requires a career growth or wishes to join big companies like Microsoft, IBM, HP, etc.

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