DevOps Foundation® Quiz Questions and Answers

Which of the following is not a goal of NewOps?

Answer :
  • By automating operations, remove the need for human competencies

Which of the following most accurately describes DevOps?

Answer :
  • A cultural and professional movement

“The importance of collecting data on everything and ensuring that there are mechanisms in place to provide visibility into all systems” represents which value of DevOps?

Answer :
  • Measurement

Who are the primary stakeholders for DevOps?

Answer :
  • A) Testers
    B) Design Engineers
    C) Quality Assurance
    All of the above

Which DevOps practice supports the Second Way?

Answer :
  • Peer review of production changes

Which method pulls the flow of work through a process at a manageable pace?

Answer :
  • Kanban

Which statement most accurately describes DevOps?

Answer :
  • A movement to improve communication and collaboration

Which can be used to demonstrate the IT value of DevOps?

Answer :
  • Both A and C

In the context of high-performing organizations, which is a top predictor of IT performance?

Answer :
  • High-trust organizational culture

Which of the following best describes the Three Ways?

Answer :
  • Core principles of DevOps