Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSD) v1.1 Quiz Questions and Answers

A wireless client maintains a NAV value that is used for which one of the following purposes?

Answer :
  • To predict when the channel might become free

Which one of the following is the frame type sent to discover APs within the signal range of a wireless client?

Answer :
  • Probe

An ACK frame is an example of which one of the following 802.11 frame types?

Answer :
  • Control

Which one of the following frame types does a client use to roam seamlessly from one BSS to another, within the same ESS and the same SSID?

Answer :
  • Reassociation

In an active site survey, how many APs can the survey device associate with and measure at any given time?

Answer :
  • 1

Which one of the following is a true statement?

Answer :
  • An autonomous AP operates in a standalone fashion.

Which one of the following is used to uniquely identify an AP and the basic service set it maintains with its associated wireless clients?

Answer :

Suppose that you have just powered up a new controller. If you connect to the controller’s console port, in which one of the following modes will you find the controller?

Answer :
  • Initial setup mode

After copying a new code image file to a controller, how should you copy the same code release to the lightweight APs?

Answer :
  • Do nothing; each AP will get the new image as it rejoins the controller

What factors need to be considered when planning for capacity and coverage in a 5 GHz WLAN?

Answer :
  • Data applications
  • User density
  • Peak usage level
  • DFS channels