Designing and Deploying Cisco UCS Director with ACI (UCSDACI) v6.6 Quiz Questions and Answers

An engineer needs to deploy a leaf access port policy group in ACI Fabric to support the following requirements: • Control the amount of application data flowing into the system. • Allow the newly connected device to auto-negotiate link speed with the leaf.

Answer :
  • link level policy
  • ingress data plane policing policy

Which two components are essential parts of a Cisco ACI Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) domain policy configuration? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • VMM domain profile
  • EPG association

What do Pods use to allow Pod-to-Pod communication in a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod environment?

Answer :
  • over Layer 3 IPN connectivity via spines

An engineer must limit management access to me Cisco ACI fabric that originates from a single subnet where the NOC operates. Access should be limited to SSH and HTTPS only. Where should the policy be configured on the Cisco APIC to meet the requirements?

Answer :
  • policy In the management tenant

Which attribute should be configured for each user to enable RADIUS for external authentication in Cisco ACI?

Answer :
  • Cisco-av-pair

Which two protocols support accessing backup files in a remote location from the APIC? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • FTP
  • SFTP

Which protocol does ACI use to securely save the configuration in a remote location?

Answer :
  • SCP

What represents the unique identifier of an ACI object?

Answer :
  • Distinguished name

Which tenant is used when configuring in-band management IP addresses for Cisco APICs, leaf nodes, and spine nodes?

Answer :
  • mgmt

In the context of VMM, which protocol between ACI leaf and compute hosts ensures that the policies are pushed to the leaf switches for immediate and on-demand resolution immediacy?

Answer :