CWS-415 Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Assessment, Design and Advanced Configuration Quiz Questions and Answers

Scenario: A Citrix Architect needs to design a new XenDesktop environment for a client who does NOT currently have a Citrix environment. The project scope has NOT yet been determined, and the architect is about to start the Assess phase of the project. In which order should the architect complete the four tasks of a typical assessment when following the Citrix methodology?

Answer :
  • Define the organization, Define the project team, Define the user groups, Define the applications.

How many minimum number of disks are required for RAID-3?

Answer :
  • 3

Which three layers can a Citrix Engineer include in an image template? (Choose three.)

Answer :
  • Plateform
  • OS
  • Application

Which three database high availability features are supported for on-premises deployments of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops? (Choose three.)

Answer :
  • Always On Availability Groups
  • Mirroring
  • Clustered Instances

A user calls the help desk and states that launching a pooled random desktop takes as long as five minutes. Which Citrix Director report can a Citrix Administrator review to find out what might be causing the delay?

Answer :
  • Logon Performance

A Citrix Administrator is in the process of installing Citrix Cloud Connector, but the installation fails. What could be causing the Citrix Cloud Connector installation to fail on the machine?

Answer :
  • It is NOT joined to the domain

How can a Citrix Administrator guarantee the availability of resource locations in a Citrix Cloud deployment?

Answer :
  • Deploy at least two Cloud Connectors for each resource location.

What is the minimum built-in delegated administration role required to create an Application Group?

Answer :
  • Delivery Group Administrator

Which console can a Citrix Administrator use to provide customized permissions to a junior administrator for adding applications?

Answer :
  • Citrix Studio

A Citrix Administrator has deployed a Citrix Cloud-managed Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Site with one on-premises resource location and two Cloud Connectors. An on-premises StoreFront server group is used to access published resources. During user acceptance testing, due to adverse weather conditions, network connectivity between the on-premises location and Citrix Cloud was broken for several hours. Which statement describes what will occur in this scenario?

Answer :
  • One of the Citrix Cloud Connectors at the resource location is elected to be the primary broker and uses its Local Host Cache to broker new sessions and manage existing HDX connections.