CSX Fundamentals Quiz Questions and Answers

Sophia travels a lot and worries that her laptop containing confidential documents might be stolen. What is the best protection that will work for her?

Answer :
  • Disk encryption

Explanation :

Ask the employer for authorization to perform the work outside the company.

What kind of detection techniques is being used in antivirus softwares that identifies malware by collecting data from multiple protected systems and instead of analyzing files locally it's made on the provider's environment.

Answer :
  • Cloud based

What term describes the amount of risk that remains after the vulnerabilities are classified and the countermeasures deployed?

Answer :
  • Residual risk

Which of the following can take an arbitrary length of input and produce a message digest output of 160 bits?

Answer :
  • SHA-1

The establishment of a TCP connection involves a negotiation called 3 way handshake. What type of message sends the client to the server in order to begin this negotiation?

Answer :
  • SYN

Which of the following represents the initial two commands an IRC client sends to join an IRC network?

Answer :

What is the name of the international standard that establishes a baseline level of confidencei n the security functionality of IT products by providing a set of requirements for evaluation?

Answer :
  • Common Criteria

Which of the following lists are valid data-gathering activities associated with a risk assessment?

Answer :
  • Threat identification, vulnerability identification, control analysis

During a recent security assessment, you discover the organization has one Domain NameServer (DNS) in a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and a second DNS server on the internal network.What is this type of DNS configuration commonly called?

Answer :
  • Split DNS