Configuring Cisco NX-OS Switches and Fabrics in the Data Center (DCCNX) v1.0 Quiz Questions and Answers

Which items are services that are provided by Cisco Fabric Services?

Answer :
  • Device alias distribution

Which option must be configured when you implement a vPC?

Answer :
  • The peer keepalive link, peer link, and vPC member interfaces

Which two features are required to implement a Layer 3 VXLAN gateway on the Cisco Nexus 5600 Series platform? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • Feature nv overlay
  • Feature vn-segment-vlan-based

What two technologies can be used to connect to storage arrays on a converged Ethernet IP network? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • FCoE
  • iSCSI

When command set will create an access control 1st on a Cisco Nexus switch to permit only unencrypted Web traffic from any source to destination host

Answer :
  • N5K-A(config)#Ip access-list 101 N5K-A(config-acl)# permit tcp any host 10.10.110 eq 80

What are the two advantages to running Fabric Path in the data center over using Spanning Tree? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • Has L2 multipath forwarding capacities
  • Uses TTL field to provide loop mitigation

Which two protocols are encapsulated in FCoE? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • Fiber Channel
  • SCSI

When configuring Fibre Channel ports and Ethernet ports on the same Cisco Nexus 5500 Platform, which rule must be followed?

Answer :
  • Fiber Channel ports must be configured with the range that starts with the last port on the module.

When comparing Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extenders to traditional top-of-rack switches, which two statements are true? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • Physical interfaces are represented by the parent switch as logical interfaces
  • Fabric Extenders operate as a remote line card to the upstream switch

Which descriptions of the management VRF are true?

Answer :
  • It supports static routing only.