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The CompTIA Security+ Certification is a universally recognized highly valuable credential for foundation level IT security skills. This CompTIA training validates your ability to apply knowledge of information security to real networks. It certifies an individual’s ability to identify risks, perform risk management and mitigation activities, and ensure operational security of enterprise networks.

CompTIA Security+ Training at Koenig makes you proficient in core IT security concepts such as Cryptography, risk mitigation and risk management, identity management, security infrastructure, organizational systems, security systems, network access control among others.

Successful completion of Security plus training from Koenig and subsequently getting certified by CompTIA will help you gain skills required by employers all over the world to manage and maintain security of their information systems. You can demonstrate that you can not only apply knowledge about security tools, concepts, and procedures to respond to security threats, but you also have skills to anticipate risks and protect against them proactively. 

Who Should Do CompTIA Security+ Certification and Training?

CompTIA Security + Certification course is ideal for the following professionals:
  • Network Administrators
  • Security Engineers
  • Support Analysts
  • Security Administrator
  • Security Consultant
  • IT Managers

CompTIA Security+ Course Objectives

Upon Completion of the CompTIA Security+ Course, you will accomplish the following objectives:
  • Understand potent threats and vulnerabilities that may cause harm to a network or system
  • Identify risks and take corrective measures for risk mitigation and management
  • Provide operational, information, application and infrastructure level security
  • Maintain security of crucial enterprise data
  • Secure the enterprise network to maintain availability, integrity and confidentiality of critical information
  • Operate within a set of rules, policies and regulations wherever applicable
  • Manage and use certificates  to secure network traffic
  • Respond and recover from security incidents while ensuring minimal data loss
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Course Content / Exam(s)

Schedule for CompTIA Security+

Course Name Exam # Regular Track (days) Fast Track (days)
CompTIA Security+SY0-40154

Course Prerequisites

There are no official educational prerequisites for CompTIA security + certification. However, the following points are recommended:

  • Candidates for this certification should be at least 13 years old.
  • CompTIA Network+ certification
  • Experience in IT administration with a focus on IT Security
  • Good Understanding of TCP/IP is required.
  • Before attending this course, students should have knowledge / experience in managing Windows/Unix/Linux systems.

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CompTIA Security+ Benefits

There are several benefits of doing the CompTIA security plus certification and some of these include:

  • Your security+ certification from Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) will help hiring managers close your candidature on a positive note.
  • There is tremendous growth happening in the global data security market. After doing this certification, you will end up improving your job prospects and get lucrative job opportunities in the IT domain.
  • The fact that the CompTIA security+ certification has global validity open up a world of opportunities for you to grow in your career.

Give an edge to your career with CompTIA certification training courses Students can join the classes for CompTIA Security+ Certification Training at Koenig Campus located at New Delhi, Bengaluru, Shimla, Goa, Dehradun, Dubai & Instructor-Led Online.

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Schedule & Prices

Delivery Mode Location Course Duration Fees  Schedule
Instructor-Led Online Training (1-on-1) Client's Home/Office5 Days $ 1,480 As per mutual convenience (4-Hours Evenings & Weekends Possible
Classroom Training * Dubai 5 Days $ 2,680 On Request
Delhi, Bangalore, Dehradun (Rishikesh), Goa, Shimla 4 Days $ 1,270 16-19 Apr 2018
5 Days $ 1,490 16-20 Apr 2018, 21-25 May 2018, 18-22 Jun 2018
Fly-Me-a-Trainer Client's Location5 Days On Request As per mutual convenience
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What is CompTIA Security + certification?

Computing Technology Industry Association or CompTIA is an organization responsible for issuing professional certifications to IT Professionals across the globe. The CompTIA Security+ certification is a globally recognized training that one undertakes to cover aspects around IT risk management and network security. This training will establish your skills as someone capable of prevented unauthorized network security breaches and securing an enterprise network.

What's different between SY0-401 and SY0-501?

The updated SYO-501 includes topics on how to manage and mitigate network security risk and how to build strong network security protocols. Instead of just the tools and techniques as were covered in the SYO-401 exam, the updated version covers in detail about the threats and vulnerabilities as well.

How do I schedule the CompTIA Security+ exam?

You can schedule your CompTIA Security+ exam through a testing account that you can create on the Pearson VUE website. This website can be used to schedule your exam, reschedule it and even cancel it if need be.

Who is the CompTIA Security+ Certification for?

Any IT Professional looking to start their career in cyber security must go for the CompTIA Security+ certification where they'll learn a lot about securing networks, devices, and network traffic.

Is Security+ Worth Getting for a Career in Cyber Security?

Today, a lot of large enterprises are taking the issues of Cyber Security very seriously. Successfully completing the CompTIA Security+ certification will brighten your career prospects.

What does it take to pass the CompTIA Security+ exam?

You need to score 750 out of 900 to pass this certification. The 90-minute exam will include performance-based and multiple-choice questions.

What certification should I get after CompTIA Security+?

You can either opt for a newer version of the CompTIA Security+ examination to keep your skills updated or take a higher-level certification such as a CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) or CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst (CSA+).

What is the difference between the CSA+ and the CompTIA Security+ certifications?

The CompTIA Security+ is an entry level certification whereas the CSA+ certificate is a mid-level certificate.

. What kind of job can I get with a Security+ certification?

Some of the job profiles that you can aim for after doing the Security+ certification include Information Security Analyst, Network Engineer, and Systems Administrator.

How many questions can I expect in my CompTIA Security+ exam?

There are a total of 90 questions which are performance-based and multiple-choice questions.

What is the passing score of the CompTIA Security+ Exam?

The passing score is 750 (on a scale of 100-900)

Is the CompTIA Security+ exam available in multiple languages?

This exam is available in English, Japanese, Portuguese, and by Q2, 2018 will also be available in Simplified Chinese.

Do I need to recertify my CompTIA certification?

Yes! Your Security plus certification is valid for only three years from the day of the exam. You can renew your certification by collecting at least 50 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in three years and upload them to your certification account. These points can be earned by participating in higher certifications and attending training programs.

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