Cloudera training & Certification Courses

Cloudera – an open source platform that offers a cost-effective way to perform large-scale data storage and analysis and includes the tools, platform, and support necessary to use Apache Hadoop in a production environment. Facts reveal that, Cloudera is one of the top Big Data certification providers and Hadoop is one of the top four Big Data platforms in use today.

Cisco and Cloudera offer high-performance infrastructure for Big Data analytics. It offers enterprise and express versions of its Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop. Cloudera’s view of the importance of qualified big data talent shines through the elements of its certification.


What are the main technologies that will be using during the training for Hadoop Administration?

Some of the technologies that you will be exposed to during the training include: Apache HBase, Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Cloudera Manager, Apache Hadoop and Linux CentOS.

Do I need to know Java before attempting the Hadoop Administration training?

No prior knowledge of Java is needed to prepare for the Hadoop Admin Certification.

Why do people prefer Hadoop administration training?

Most people prefer Hadoop training because it enables them to deeply understand the Hadoop administration, Hadoop file management, and Hadoop file cluster system. Students attend the Master Hadoop Administration course to get all the practices and concepts used in Hadoop training. Resultantly, this enables you to configure and install load balancing and solving deployment problems. Master Hadoop Administration course helps the students understand the concepts of Big Data and technologies related to Hadoop stack.

How will Hadoop administration training enhance my career?

Hadoop Administration training is the key to a successful career as Hadoop Administrator which is not only a high paid career but also will elevate your skill-sets and knowledge on Linux, Administration skills on developing Hadoop cluster, and you will gain as being the “Most Wanted” candidate for Big data projects.

What are the training modes for Hadoop administration?

The following training modes are available for Hadoop Administration- Online/ Virtual Classroom training can be attended through a video conferencing on your PC which saves time and energy with the convenience of home. Self Study (On-line) with the help of “Lecture videos” can be done at a time convenient to you

What are the system requirements for Hadoop administration training?

For Hadoop Administration training your system must have the following – Must have a 64-bit Operating System and 4GB RAM in it. And i3 Processor. Though the configuration required is not so difficult but the same need to be kept in mind during an on-line training session.

Why do I need to learn Hadoop Administration for Big Data?

The huge demand of Hadoop developers and administrators in the industry and big time use of “internet” by customers generate an ecosystem where learning Hadoop Administration will give a rocket start to a successful career and further pushes you to utilize the skills of Hadoop Administration and the knowledge of deploying Hadoop clusters to get a high paid job and a promising career.

What is the eligibility criterion to enroll in Hadoop administration training courses?

For any student to apply for a Master Hadoop Administration training course, which is best suited for IT Managers and System Administrators, they should meet the following criteria: Basic Knowledge of Linux Administration Basics of Java Programming Basic training on Hadoop administration Prior Knowledge of Apache Interest in data management and analysis including cloud systems and technology

What is Hadoop Administration?

Hadoop administration is a field of study that gives one the ability to master the Hadoop admin tasks such as planning, monitoring, installation, load balancing and tuning of a Hadoop cluster. The Apache Hadoop Software Library is a distributed framework that allows for the processing of large sets of data across cluster servers. Hadoop administration ensures availability of servers even when servers seem to fail or have failed.