COBIT Certification Courses

COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) is a framework designed by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) for IT governance and compliance management.

It consists of models, tools, principles, and best practices to aid enterprises in improving their information technology management processes. Originally, COBIT began as an IT auditing tool, but it has now slowly evolved into one of the most regarded IT compliance frameworks for organization-wide operations.

    COBIT Quick Facts

  • COBIT weaves together concepts from ITIL and ISO to form a unified approach to information management and control.
  • COBIT 5 can be applied to different needs of an enterprise including risk management, audit & assurance, regulatory & compliance, information security, and governance of enterprise IT.
  • Globally, the previous version of COBIT has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

Koenig offers high-quality IT certifications and training with its manifold modes of training delivery and industry-experienced trainers. The same is followed when we offer the prestigious COBIT training.

    COBIT Courses

  • COBIT5 Foundation BOOT Camp – A COBIT5 Foundation BOOT Camp course provides knowledge about the 5 basic principles for implementing IT governance in any organizational infrastructure successfully. It educates candidates in business governance and enterprise IT management.
  • ITIL® and COBIT5 – Those keen to learn the IT service management need to go for an ITIL and COBIT5 course. It provides guidance to enterprise management, governance of IT, and various roles and functions of ITSM.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Prep and COBIT5 Foundation – The combo course is ideal for those who need to learn how to deliver projects within cost and time constraints. It also educates about various project management techniques.

Who Should Do This Course

COBIT is one of the best IT practices framework designed by the global professional organization ISACA. Our COBIT course is ideal for all such IT enterprise professionals who have to deal with technical management issues, control requirements, audit and assurance, information security, regulatory and compliance issues, and IT business risks.


Although there are no specific prerequisites to pursue our COBIT training. However, those working for enterprises where IT security, compliance, and risk management are concerns can greatly benefit from our expert-delivery training.

Benefits of COBIT Certification

At Koenig Solutions, learners can achieve COBIT certification that will help them improve on processes and practices, as well as solve matters related to:

  • IT governance, planning, and organisation
  • Linking IT infrastructure to business goals
  • Information system control and quality management
  • Data governance and auditing
  • Compliance with international standards like ITIL/ISO

At Koenig Solutions, we provide the following COBIT courses:

  • COBIT5 Foundation BOOT Camp
  • ITIL® and COBIT5
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Prep and COBIT5 Foundation

These certification programs are based on the latest COBIT 5 version and range from the foundation-level course to the one integrated with PMP for project management professionals having IT governance concerns.


What is Cobit Certification.?

  • COBIT is a business framework designed to better manage and govern enterprise IT solutions. It helps to maximize the informational value by integrating the most up-to-date compliance practices across IT domain. COBIT Certification combines the concepts from ITIL and ISO to take a distinct approach to information management and control.

What is the certification cost of COBIT 5?

  • The cost of COBIT 5 certification depends on the training center you enroll at where the certification fee is included in the course fee. If you are attending a public exam center, the cost depends on where the exam is being conducted. You can request the same information at

Who is eligible for an COBIT 5 Certification?

  • Since there are no pre-requisites for COBIT 5 Certification, anybody with a working background in assurance, security, risk, privacy, and compliance would make an ideal fit for this certification. Any professional who may be affected by governance and management of information systems is deemed eligible for a COBIT 5 Certification.

What is the future direction of COBIT?

  • COBIT is heading towards an interesting direction in the near future where it seeks to develop governance and compliance standards to face issues such as Big Data, IoT, Cyber Security, DevOps. ISACA is seeking to change COBIT's existing delivery model to COBIT as a Service (CaaS) to its end users.

Can I use COBIT as a statement of criteria for specific audit conclusions?

  • Yes, with the new COBIT 5, assurance professionals can make use of COBIT 5 for specific auditing conclusions. These changes were planned in 2013 to be extended to COBIT 5 to allow assurance professionals to use it in their everyday activities. It comes with a complete guidance and instruction manual.