HTML & HTML5 Interview Questions

By Aarav Goel 21-Apr-2022
HTML & HTML5 Interview Questions

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, a programming language used for making web pages. HTML allows you to define your web page’s look and the layout of your content using several HTML elements.

The IT industry has seen a growing demand for candidates with the necessary skills, training, and expertise in HTML. If you are considering a programming language career, this is one of the best paths you can choose. HTML roles also require you to clear a job interview like every other job. 

To increase your chances of clearing a job interview, look at the most common HTML interview questions you may have to face.

Top HTML Interview Questions and Answers:

Q1. How will you insert images in HTML?

A1. If you want to add images to a web page, you must use the <img> tag. Images are not exactly inserted within web pages; rather, developers link them to the web page. With <img>, you create a space for the referenced image. Usually, the <img> tag in HTML is an empty tag, containing only attributes and no closing tag. There are two parameters required while using the <img> tag:

- src - The source of the image

- alt - The alternate text used on the image

To add an image in HTML, here’s how you use the <img> tag:

<img src=”image path” alt=”Image01”>

Q2. How do you set a background image in HTML?

A2. To add background images to an HTML element, there are two things you need:

- The HTML style attribute

- The CSS property of the background image represented by 

 <div style=”background-image: url(‘img_boy.jpg’);”>

Q3. How do you add comments in HTML?

 A3. Typically, an HTML comment is not displayed in a browser. However, these comments are useful for documenting the source code.

Q4. How do you add spaces in HTML?

A4. Adding space to a web page is easy. Simply move your cursor to the place where the space must be added and press the spacebar. Generally, HTML only displays one space between two words regardless of how many times the spacebar is pressed. To add extra visible space, you need to enter &nbsp;. This is called a non-breaking space as it prevents line breaks at that location.

Q5. How do you link CSS and HTML?

A5. First of all, you must know what CSS is. Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is used for web page layout formatting. Using CSS, a developer can control fonts, colors, text size, spaces between elements, layouts and positions of elements, background images and colors used, and so much more.

There are three ways to link CSS to an HTML document:

Inline CSS: 

This is done by putting style attributes inside the HTML elements. An inline CSS is used to apply different and unique styles to every HTML element. Inline CSS has an HTML element’s style attribute.

For example, add a header element with red text and change the <p> paragraph element’s text colour to blue, enter the following commands:

           <h1 style=”color:red;”>A Red Heading</h1>

           <p style=”color:blue;”>A Blue Paragraph </p>

Internal CSS:

An internal CSS is used to define the style of a single HTML web page. It defines the style of the web page’s <head> section and also the <style> element. Consider a situation where you want to change the text colour of every <h1> element on a page to red, and the text colour of every paragraph and <p> element to red. The background colour of this image should be “yellow”

  <!DOCTYPE html>




body {background-colour: yellow;}

h1 {colour: red;}

p {colour: blue;}




External CSS:

External CSS is generally used to define styles for multiple HTML pages. To use an external CSS, you must add a link for it to every HTML page’s <head> section.

<!DOCTYPE html>



   <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”styles.css”>



<h1>This is a heading</h1>

<p>This is a paragraph</p>



Q6. How do you align text in HTML?

A6. If you wish to align text in a web page using HTML, you must use CSS. You should also follow the process given below:

div.a {

text-align: centre;


div.b {

text-align: left;


div.c {

text-align: right;


div.c {

text-align: justify;


The text alignment function covers horizontal text alignment within an element.

Q7. What is DOCTYPE in HTML?

a7. doctype refers to the type of html document. doctype is a medium for infor ming the browser about the type of document to be expected. in html5, using simply means .

Q8. What is DOM in HTML?

A8. DOM is short for Document Object Model. When your web page is loading, your browser automatically creates a DOM of the web page. This DOM is built as a tree of objects. In other words, you can understand HTML DOM as HTML’s Object Model. It describes:

- HTML elements as objects

- Properties of HTML elements

- Event of every HTML element

- Method of every HTML element

Q9. How do you convert an HTML file to PDF?

A9. If you work on a Windows computer system, open your HTML page in Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. If you are using an iMac, open the page in Firefox.

Click the ‘Convert to PDF’ tab on the Adobe PDF toolbar and get the conversion process started.

Finally, enter the name with which you want to save the file and add it to the relevant file location.

Q10. How do you run an HTML program?

A10. Follow these steps:

- Open Notepad on your Windows 8 PC or higher. Alternatively, open TextEdit on your iMac.

- Write out the HTML code that you wish to add to your web page.

- Save the HTML web page as a file and save the file to your system.

- Whenever you need, open the file and view the page in your default browser.

These are not the only relevant HTML questions, and there is no guarantee these exact questions will come. However, they have been the most common HTML interview questions. Thus it’s a good idea to prepare for these questions.

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