How do I prepare for the OCPJP Certification Exam?

By Aarav Goel 24-May-2022
How do I prepare for the OCPJP Certification Exam?
OCPJP certification is a program pioneered and endorsed by the Oracle training university. Before you attempt the test, it is good to know what it is all about, the requirements, preparation method and how to score the highest.
Previously it was known as the  SCJA certification  which was to certify all Java programmers who has successfully completed the course module and excelled in the subject. With new updates, it is now known as the OCAJP certification which is the latest version and the one that all professionals should take up.

Type of Exams

These are two exams that are conducted by the Oracle training university. First, professionals should take up and clear the OCAJP test before they move on to attempt the OCPJP exam. Recently,
What is the Minimum Requirement to be met?
In order to write the OCAJP 8 exam, there are no minimum requirements to be met except for basic knowledge about Java and its functionality. After successfully clearing the test, you will be eligible to take up the OCPJP certification exam.

How to Prepare for the Exam?

The preparation schedule and the type of materials you use largely depends on your current knowledge about Java. Any IT professional who has already completed 2 years or more of  Java programming Course  can study for just two months before attempting the exam.
For newer entrants who are still getting a hang of Java, there are so many sources and various resources available online to give you the winning edge. There is no one solid way to score higher because the scope to learn more and something new is always there in any one of these platforms.
Katherine Sierra, Bert Bates – K&B Books are the best and most reliable source in the market. They cover the entire syllabus, provides insightful points and is presented in an easy to understand manner.
Java Ranch forum – a forum dedicated to clear your doubts. Hundreds of individuals who are taking the exam of Oracle certification can participate in active discussion here.
Mock exams and group discussions – A series of mock exams are available online which you can take up one after the other to get practiced. OCPJP has dedicated groups, discussions forums where you can get all your doubts cleared during preparation.
Oracle study – a popular website among test takers where you can find Java 8 accreditation questions, sample tests and more study materials. However, it’s a paid program but the cost is justified by the quality of the materials offered.

Where to take your Mock exams?

When looking for mock exams on Oracle certification and OCPJP exams, there is a paid subscription option and free sources.
Institutes such as Koenig offer mock exam simulators to go with. Once you have decided to participate and get certified as a Java professional, it is recommended to invest in such courses to get a hang of the exam before you actually attempt it.

The Best Books to Buy for Your Preparation

The market is flooded with books that help Java professionals successfully clear the exam. A good book will go a long way in helping you understand the concepts and get the highest scores possible.
For OCPJP 8, go with Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer Exam 1Z0-809: A Comprehensive OCPJP 8 Certification Guide.
There are two different books available released in different years or OCPJP 7- OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide (Exams 1Z0-803 & 1Z0-804) by Sierra is the latest version released in 2017 and a must-read for test takers. An updated guide is important to be able to answer questions efficiently and score higher.

The Best Blogs and Community Forums to Check Out

A relatively old community where you can get all the help you need – CodeRanch

A Quote page specifically dedicated to Oracle Certified Professionals who are active, answer queries and help young professionals clear the test – OCP Quora Page
A page dedicated to Java developers, professionals and young aspirants looking forward to learning more – Java Beat

What are the Different Versions of the Test Available?

Being an ever-evolving topic, Java and Oracle get newer updates from time to time.  Java certification programs  start with OCPJP 6 which is an older program and is not recommended. The recent versions are OCPJP 7 and OCPJP 8 which are the recommended test.
Considering the number of study materials available, it is easier to take up the OCPJP 7 first before you attempt the next version. Besides, when you clear the test there is always the option to do an upgrade exam. In an upgrade exam, the test pattern is designed only to test your knowledge in Java SE8 rather than taking up the entire test once again.
Test Fee – According to the official Oracle University website, all test costs Rs. 8014 which will keep varying based on conversion rates and other factors.

Important Tips While Preparing for OCPJP Exams

  • The best and most reliable way as suggested by hundreds of test takers is to read as many good books/guides as possible
  • Each chapter will have helpful tips and guidelines at the end. Make sure to take note of them.
  • Once you complete a chapter, attempt a mock test through paid channels or free resources available online
  • Never hesitate to put forth your Java questions in the discussion forums. There are no embarrassing or illogical doubts. It will help you as well as others who follow the forums to hone their Java/ Oracle skills.
  • Take note of questions that you couldn’t answer during a mock test and read those answers as soon as you finish them. These questions may appear in the final test!
By successfully completing the test through institutes such as Koenig solutions, you can become an Oracle Certified Associate ( OCA Certification ) Java 8 programmer. The  Oracle certification  brings a whole new level of recognition to your resume, making it easier to land a new job as a programmer or get a significant boost in your career as a Java developer.
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