Everything You Need to Know about Python Developer Job Description, Salary, Skills, Roles and Responsibilities

Most of the apps we use today are made from one programming language - Python. It is a versatile and easy-to-learn language used by big corporations like Google and Netflix. Due to the increased adoption, Python developers are also in high demand. 

Consequently, it is a platform with a big number of career opportunities? In this blog, we will explore the Python developer roles and responsibilities, salary, skills, and job description. Read on to determine whether you should enter the field or not.

Why Should you Become a Python Developer?

Python is a beginner-friendly language. Anyone with minimal or even zero knowledge of coding can learn this. It is simple, integrated, versatile, and highly flexible. The language’s many benefits make it perfect for backend development. As a Python developer, you will create and design applications using Python. 

With expertise in Python, you can not only apply in big corporations but also become a part of startups. Since Python has low development costs, it is the preference of most businesses, whether new or old.  As a Python developer, you get access to ample opportunities and a high salary.

Python Developer Job Description

Here is a template for a Python developer job description. 


We want a skilled Python developer to join our software engineering team. Their responsibilities will be as follows.

    • Scripting design

    • Automation deployment

    • Design and develop back-end components

    • Write reusable and scalable code

    • Debug applications

    • Check and review written codes

    • Assist in  front-end development 

    • Create functional applications

    • Develop data security solutions

The ideal candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, knowledge of SQL, proficiency in Python framework, and some prior work experience. 

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Python Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Here are some responsibilities of a Python developer.

    • Write and test reusable and scalable code

    • Gain an in-depth understanding of business/client needs

    • Create responsive web applications

    • Know about machine learning and artificial intelligence

    • Debug applications and performance tuning

    • Design high-availability applications

    • Implement security components 

    • Use Python libraries

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Skills Required for Python Developer

Here are some of the crucial skills a Python developer must have to do their jobs successfully. 

Technical Skills

    • Frontend technologies: While Python developers typically work in backend development, having skills in frontend technology can come in handy. This includes knowledge of CSS and JavaScript.

    • Object Relational Mapper (ORM): ORMs are crucial for Python developers as it helps them save much time and ensure flexibility. ORMs aid in transferring data from a relational database to Python objects.

    • AI and machine learning: Python developers often use machine learning to work. Most employers today look for developers with fundamental knowledge of machine learning concepts. 

    • Test automation framework: Python developers often debug applications. Knowing test automation frameworks can help them do it efficiently. You should also be familiar with tools like TestComplete and Selenium. 

Soft Skills

    • Communication skills: Good communication ability is one of the necessary skills in professional space. In addition, Python developers have to communicate with their team members and front-end developers while working on a project. They may also have to communicate with the client. Therefore, working on your communication skills will give you an advantage.

    • Detail-oriented: Writing code, debugging, and testing it requires exceptional attention to detail and concentration. You must be detail-oriented to do your work correctly. 

Salary of Python Developers

As the demand for Python developers grows, employers are willing to offer competitive packages to retain talents. Python developers in India earn an annual average salary of INR 4 lakhs, according to AmbitionBox. The pay ranges between INR 1.5 lakhs to INR 9 lakhs. 

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How to Become a Python Developer?

If you want to enter this lucrative field, the following steps can guide you: 

    • Read and write in Python: Learn to read and write in Python. Since it is a beginner-friendly language, you can take online courses to get started in the field.

    • Develop a skill set: Take online courses, get certifications, and practice to develop the skills a Python developer must have. We have already discussed the skills you require. Also, learn about Python libraries and how you can work with them.

    • Work on projects: Create your personal projects to practice your skills. Go all out and experiment to see what works best for you. Consider working on freelance projects.

    • Apply for jobs: Once you have the skills and samples, start applying for jobs. 

This blog discussed the Python developer roles and responsibilities, demand and salary, and skills required to become one. We hope this will help you get started with Python.

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