Agile & Scrum

    What is the Difference between PRINCE2 vs Scrum?

    PRINCE2 is a project management methodology. While the agile development approach the teams use is referred to as Scrum. It enables the working together of teams of people with their customers collaboratively. Read more!

    Upskill yourself with a SCRUM Master certification

    The SCRUM Master Certification has been designed to validate the skills and knowledge of professionals who are well versed in the SCRUM system and can facilitate.

    What Is Certified Scrum Master Certification?

    Become Scrum expert on your team by joining Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course, which prepares you for a role of ScrumMaster.

    What is Agile: Understanding Agile Methodology and Its Types

    Multiple methodologies are inspired by the Agile Framework. We will be learning about each one of them in brief like its principles, advantages and methodologies.