Java Certification: A Complete Guide [Updated]
Java has been popularly talked about despite being a top programming language. With its various versions taught at even the basic school levels, Java has been part of our regular vocabulary. It is object oriented as a language and began way back in 1994. Java 8 certification is being talked about today but Java created a stir when Sun Microsystems ideated over programming language that could be executed as well as compiled without dependence on the machine used. To put this in the simplest way, the main reasons for creating Java was removal of platform dependent barriers in context of the languages for programming. Thanks to this feature, Java went on to attract primary popularity from its inception. Today, Java 8 certification is much in demand, as a result.
Therefore, the language can be employed for use in medium scale and small scale software development purpose.
With more advancements, Java has become a highly user friendly language for programming too. All this from simple being incepted as platform friendly. The top features of the language that make Java training much popularity are-
  • Open end nature
  • Simplicity
  • Robustness
Thanks to these, the software making giants too have shown interest in the language. Since then Java training and development took huge leaps.
About five years back, Java came to dominate close to 3 billion devices globally. These comprised space shuttles to even set top boxes. The platform’s popularity made programmers undergo Java training and certification and then choose the language as their area of specialized coding. Java training and development stood a notch above the rest.

Classification for Java Certification

As for classification of Java training and certification niches, the language can be categorized based on demand in industry, usability and popularity.
Client side development: This specific section for Java training and certification comes on the basis of development of modules and software that run on the client side. This is hard for support provision in a daily basis.
Web: When you go in for Java training or Java certification, you learn that the Java libraries stand extended for all Java server pages. This aids in content rich development for the Web.
Mobile: Java certification teaches you that the language is implemented actively as a set standard programming language for the development of most mobile operating systems as well as applications. Think for instance, Android!
Machine learning: With the latest advancements in the world of Java training, programmers have realized that the language is handy in terms of machine learning . This has also aided in the building and supporting of many electronic devices. These range from shuttles for space to even scan machines for testing purposes.
One look at the classifications will help you realize that programming language gives way to widely varied implementation. Therefore Java certification and Java training will continue to be in high demand.
Java 8 certification and Java 8 training costs are much advertised. This is because Java can be seen as a combo of multiple languages coming under one common platform. The wide categorization for Java actually makes it tough to find that one pro who knows every side of the language in and out. Therefore Blue Java cert and Java 8 certification will have separate experts. This is another top reason why Java gives rise to a good many career opportunities that enthusiasts can tap for building a career in the software development plus programming.

JAVA Courses, Certification and Structure

Java comes across as a main subject for engineering degrees across the domains of IT and computers. Such courses generally focus on building up some basic idea and moving on to the implementation of Java as a language. However, when it comes to something more in depth, there comes along a trolley of varied specialized Java 8 certifications.

Official Java Certification

Oracle acquired Java in the year 2010. There’s all Java 8 certifications and Java training costs are offered and managed by Oracle Inc. These certifications follow fixed orders based as per relevant expertise. Oracle additionally, provides proper classroom training sessions before Java 8 certification exams. Students can in fact, directly choose a certification exam. This requires clearing off a rigorous test for Java programming at the relevant level. Once the test is completed, the candidate gets Java certification that states the particular excellence at that level.

JAVA Certification levels are listed below-

Oracle Certified Associate: This is the very first level for oca certification that indicates basic understanding of this language.
Oracle Certified Professional: This is a benchmark for all Java programming pros.
Oracle Certified Master: This signifies a very highly skilled and also experienced java programmer.
Oracle Certified Expert: This cert indicates a complete expert for Java programming and the language architecture.
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