Complete Guide for Oracle Certification

By Aarav Goel 25-Jul-2022
Complete Guide for Oracle Certification

Oracle has a presence in more than 145 countries and serves its tens and thousands of investors through state-of-the-art database technology, engineered systems, platforms services, web and cloud applications and other integrated and comprehensive services. The multinational and leading computer and Information Technology Corporation also offers a range of courses and certifications to students worldwide and helps them gain a foothold and achieve success in the computer and IT industry.

Oracle certifications are offered in spheres and segments like database, cloud, applications, enterprise management, operating systems, and visualizations among others. The certifications are in-line with company’s products which also lie in server, storage, engineered system and cloud systems categories, among others.

The Oracle University is one of the most sought after places for those who seek to gain an entry into the Oracle dominated IT industry segment. There are more than 1.8 million Oracle certified professionals out there who cater to the needs and requirements of millions of business, corporates, and others. 93% of recruiters find the Oracle certifications useful and prefer a candidate’s resume that has an Oracle Certification as a qualification mentioned in it. Any Oracle certification is going to get you at least a 7% increase in your salary, and some can also give a hike in position. Plethora of IT companies and businesses are in partnership with Oracle, and the Oracle certification can alone get you a job in these big names in the business (many are Fortune 500 companies).

Oracle Database Certification

The certification levels

The Oracle certifications vary in their levels. These levels are classified as (in increasing order):

  • Junior Associate
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Master
  • Expert
  • Specialist

Training & Resources

Oracle also provides the students online training. The training for certifications relates to Applications, Database, Enterprise Management, Industries, Java, Operating Systems and others. Hence whether you want a certification towards a product or a technology, the certified Oracle trainers are there to help you out. Apart from Oracle itself, the training can also be attended at the Oracle certified online and offline centres of education.

The Oracle online library and many other websites can provide you with all the study materials that you need to attain the certifications. Also available are the seminars and webinars that help you get trained adequately through interactive sessions. The sample test papers and forums can also be used to interact with the student and professional community and plethora of other kinds of training resources. Oracle lists all the relevant study materials and training courses on the certification exam page only, and hence you can stay informed and use the resources easily.

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The Oracle Certification Areas

As said earlier, the Oracle certification relates to its own products. The company has introduced the education program in order to build a skilled workforce that has expertise in dealing with technologic solutions that it creates. We can classify the Oracle certifications in areas including:

  • Cloud
  • Applications
  • Database
  • Enterprise Management
  • Industries
  • Foundation
  • Java & Middleware
  • Operating Systems
  • Virtualization
  • Systems

Some of the Oracle certifications are non-proctored, which means that there are no invigilators during the certification exam. These cost $125. The proctored Oracle certifications cost around $250, and if you want to be certified through these, you will be required to take the exam at Oracle certified centres or at PearsonVUE, the Oracle education website.

We next take a brief look at the Oracle certification categories.

Application Certifications

There are around 80 different product groups and products under the “Application” certification category of Oracle education. These include Agile, Siebel, Hyperion, Demantra, Primavera, E-business suite, GRC and JD Edwards Enterprise One among others. There are around 60 different certifications in this category and the products relate to analytics, enterprise planning, operation/sales planning, payments and other relevant and important areas.

Cloud certifications

The  Oracle Cloud certification  category includes certifications relating to both Oracle and the java cloud. The certifications levels covered Associate and Professional among others. These credentials help the student learn how to use the Cloud and do tasks like implementation, migration, optimization and others. The certifications relate to cloud infrastructure, platform, software and are useful towards business functions like manufacturing, human resources, and ERP among others.

Database certifications

If you want to gain knowledge and skills in the use and implementation of the  Oracle database certification , these certifications should be your choice. Oracle offers more than 40 databases that maintain and enhance security and lower the IT costs while offering multitudes of other benefits that the competition cannot provide. The broad categories within which the certifications are offered include “My SQL” and “Database Application Development” among others.

The certifications are offered in levels also including associate, professional, master, expert, and specialist.

OCA: The  OCA certifications  are the ones that inculcate the operational management skills towards the databases. You can choose from the 12C SQL certification, the 12C SQL fundamentals certification, the 11g SQL fundamental certification, and the SQL expert certification.

OCP: These certifications are meant to inculcate more advanced skills related to databases in the candidates. For attaining the certification you need to complete training and course submission and also pass the Oracle exam that relates to the database 12C.

OCM: The master level certification has the administrator level certification as its eligibility criteria. The certification relates to the database 12C. You will have to face the master upgrade exam and will have to undergo two courses, among other tasks in order to attain the certification.

OCE: The Oracle Certified Expert certification includes data guard administrator, maximum availability, performance management, Grid-infrastructure manager and the tuning management skills and credentials.

Enterprise Management Certifications

When you want real-world and hands-down experience in the enterprise management solutions, this is the certification to choose. The comprehensive enterprise lifecycle management solution helps the professional to install and manage all the clouds and data related to an enterprise. The training in this category includes Oracle application testing suite, Oracle enterprise manager, and Oracle enterprise manager Ops centre. Certifications that lie within this category are:

  • Oracle industries certifications: Within this category alone are available 25 different certifications that focus on insurance, health care services, communications, tax, retail and other consumer and utility industries. These are the Specialist level certifications and validate skills related to the implementation of Oracle technology for specific industries and businesses.
  • Oracle foundation certification: This certification recognizes you as an IT professional who can actually plan, design and implement the Oracle solutions and IT architectures. Well suited for the project managers, the certifications make you proficient at implementing all Oracle projects while also providing you expertise in team management. The certifications that you can attain include the IT architecture implementation specialist and the project lifecycle management implementation specialist.
  • Oracle java and middleware certifications: Oracle technologies in the realm include Cloud integration and application, business intelligence, java, and middleware development, identity management, and others. The certifications that provide you with skills related to these technologies are divided into different categories, which span all the certification levels, including associate, professional and expert among others. Certification titles include java programmer, java developer, system architect, system administrator and others.

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Operating System Certifications

The Oracle operating systems certifications relate to Solaris cluster and security, and Linux Administration. One can choose a certification on the basis of interest, experience level, and learning format. Oracle operating systems are in huge demand across business verticals as the systems cost low and offer unique stability and security. Here you will learn about remote commands, directory management, networks and more! The implementation specialists and administrators will find these certifications useful.

Certifications relating to Linux are OCP and OCA system admin. certifications, and the Linux 6 specialist certification. The specialist certification is for the Oracle partners exclusively.

Among the  Solaris certifications  are the OCP and OCA admin. certifications. The specialist level certification is the Installation and configuration implementation certification.

Virtualization Certifications

The Oracle OU trainers can help you get trained in the Virtualization skills and help you gain the Oracle virtualization certification. The virtualization techniques are datacenter centric and help in the management of resources through logistics. Virtualization of the servers helps in the reduction of infrastructural costs and in the simplification of the management of the data center.

The specialist level certification here is the Desktop Infrastructure implementation specialist. It relates to the sun-ray products and the virtual desktop. The VM 3 implementation specialist certification is an intermediate level certification that focuses on network configuration, the discovery of Oracle VM servers and other aspects.

Jobs and Oracle Certifications

Many professionals who are working on the Oracle technologies would wish to get certified, and the Oracle certifications help them in that. Those who want to gain an entry into an exciting and rewarding IT career can also choose the Oracle certifications, at quite affordable costs.

Oracle certified professionals and administrators are needed by thousands of companies that require them for running Oracle Cloud, Oracle databases, Oracle Operating systems, Oracle applications and other Oracle programs and technologies. Oracle is and will continue to be a leader in the IT world. The Oracle specialist certifications make you well-versed with all the tasks related to deployment, installation and running of the Oracle solutions.

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