Most Common Mistakes Java Developers Can Avoid

By Archer Charles 25-May-2022
Most Common Mistakes Java Developers Can Avoid
Java is the most widespread programming language that adheres to its motto – ‘Write once, run everywhere’. This is the most preferred programming language for a number of reasons. One, it eliminates the complexities of other programming languages such as C, C++. Two, it is designed with the concept of object oriented programming (OOP). Three, it has a gentle learning curve that most programmers can identify with. Given all these perks, achieving Java certification appears to be a wise choice if you’re planning a career in programming. However, despite being easy to learn and implement, there are some common mistakes that most of us developers commit, which can be completely avoided if we are careful.

3 Common Mistakes Java Developers Can Avoid

Avoiding these mistakes will not only save us some precious time, but also make the program code neater and bug-free. A  Java Programming Course  or  Java Certification can help developers learn more about handling such issues and following the best practices to an error free and clean piece of code.

Forgetting to Check Existing Libraries

There are innumerable pre-defined libraries present in Java, which are free to use and regularly updated. Before trying to write a particular functionality code from scratch, take some time out to search for a relevant library which can save you a lot of time. You can use network libraries, logging libraries and any other library that you wish to include.

Omitting the ‘break’ keyword in Switch-Case

This seems like a small error but it can alter the results greatly, even if one ‘break’ command is missed. Moreover, the issue sometimes remains undiscovered until in production, which can be quite embarrassing.

Not Freeing Resources

Java beginners must ensure to free the resources once they’re done using a file or network connection that is opened by a program. Not doing so can consume compute resources indefinitely.
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