AZ-204T00: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Quiz Questions and Answers

Which step is not correct to build the container image?

Answer :
  • az acr run --registry myContainerRegistry008 \

Explanation :

D is wrong as question didn't ask to run the image.

Which is not the supported event handler in the event grid?

Answer :
  • Azure Cache for Redis

Event Grid is a serverless service.

Answer :
  • Yes

You need to send a notification if any user is removed from the Azure subscription. Which service will you choose?

Answer :
  • Event Grid

There is a customer who has set up multiple CDN profiles and wants to improve the availability and performance further. Which service allows you to do so?

Answer :
  • Azure Traffic Manager 

Which of the following App Service plans supports only function apps?

Answer :
  • Consumption

Which of the following is required for a function to run?

Answer :
  • Trigger

Which access tier is considered offline and cannot be read or modified?

Answer :
  • Archive

Which of the following storage account types supports lifecycle policies?

Answer :
  • General Purpose v2