AUCCE1 -Administering Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Part 1 v2.0 Quiz Questions and Answers

Which node keeps the read and write a copy of the database in a Cisco Unified CM Cluster?

Answer :
  • Publisher

Being a contact center engineer you want to have multiple channels for customer interaction.In this process you planned to implement Cisco Interaction Manager. Which of the following features will be provided by Cisco Interaction Manager? (Choose Two)

Answer :
  • Email routing
  • Web chat routing

To enable silent monitoring option the IP Phone must include ________ capability.

Answer :
  • Built-in bridge

What is the use of Whisper Announcement?

Answer :
  • Provides customer intro to the Agent

What is the number of call managers supported in a Cisco Unified CM cluster?

Answer :
  • 8

Central controller is consists of multiple components that includes __________.

Answer :
  • Router, Logger and NIC

Which attribute can be created in Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Precision Routing?

Answer :
  • Boolean or proficiency

Which two things can cause the "Send to VRU " to fail within an ICM script for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal?

Answer :
  • No network VRU is configured for the routing client
  • VRU PIM just got out of service

Which of the following are the core components of Cisco Unified CCE? (Choose three)

Answer :
  • Gateway
  • Intelligent Contact Manager
  • Cisco Unified CM

Which of the following task can not be performed using Cisco Contact Center Management Portal?

Answer :
  • Adding a CTI port