Advanced Technologies of SharePoint 2016 Quiz Questions and Answers

By using search results sources, users can search on results pulled from which of the following sources?

Answer :
  • A) SharePoint sites
    B) Exchange
    C) OpenSearch 1.0/1.1
    All of the above

Explanation :

A. Incorrect: SharePoint sites are the default for a results source but serve as only one of many result sources available. B. Incorrect: Exchange Server is an available results source when the Exchange Web Services Managed API is installed on the

You need to publish the CEO blog site to the public-Internet facing site. What should you do?

Answer :
  • Create and configure a content deployment job

You need to obtain the external data required for the Help Desk website. What should you use?

Answer :
  • Business Data Connectivity Services application

You need to ensure that users can edit SharePoint pages. What should you do?

Answer :
  • Run the following Windows PowerShell command: $webAppObj = Get-SPWebApplication –Identity [URL] $webAppObj.AllowDesigner = $true $webAppObj.Update()

You need to create a new farm. What should you do?

Answer :
  • Run Setup and then run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard

You manage a SharePoint 2016 farm. You need to import user profiles and photos from Active Directory to the SharePoint 2016 farm. Which tool or service should you use?

Answer :
  • User Profile service application

You have an on-premises SharePoint 2016 environment. You want to use Power View, and PowerPivot features including Power View reports that are embedded in Microsoft Excel workbooks. You need to deploy the new features. Which two actions should you perform?

Answer :
  • Install SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services (SSRS) in SharePoint integrated mode
  • Install an Office Online server

You are responsible for optimizing the SharePoint 2016 farm. You need to improve the performance of Distributed Cache services. Which Windows PowerShell command should you run?

Answer :
  • Update-SPDistributionCacheSize –CacheSizeInMB 16384

You want to utilize NAS storage within your SharePoint farm. Which of the following components are supported in this configuration?

Answer :
  • Service application databases

What is the proper value in SQL for the max degree of parallelism setting to support a SharePoint installation?

Answer :
  • 1