Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Quiz Questions and Answers

What is the proper value in SQL for the max degree of parallelism setting to support a SharePoint installation?

Answer :
  • 1

By using search results sources, users can search on results pulled from which of the following sources?

Answer :
  • All of the above

You want to utilize NAS storage within your SharePoint farm. Which of the following components are supported in this configuration?

Answer :
  • Service application databases

Which of the following services are not included in SharePoint Online? (Choose all that apply)

Answer :
  • Word Automation Services
  • PerformancePoint Services

Which of the following features can be activated to disable anonymous access to the _layouts folder?

Answer :
  • Limited-Access User Permission Lockdown mode

Which of the following e-mail scenarios support the prevention of spam filtering and virus prevention through incoming e-mail connectivity to a list or library in SharePoint?

Answer :
  • Advanced scenario

Which of the following cmdlets is used to create a new proxy group for use with service applications?

Answer :
  • Set-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup

You want to modify the search topology of your farm. The body of content is quite large and has generated a large index. Which of the following is a required action for this change?

Answer :
  • Cloning the topology

Which of the following proxy/connection groups is used for one-off, ad hoc connectivity?

Answer :
  • Custom

Which of the following directory services are supported for use with SharePoint 2013? (Choose all that apply.)

Answer :
  • Sun Java System Directory Server 5.2
  • Novell eDirectory version 8.7.3
  • IBM Tivoli version 5.2