Advanced Scripting for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express - ASCCX Quiz Questions and Answers

Agent Email is a Cisco Unified CCX feature is available in which of these packages?

Answer :
  • Premium only

In a high availability over WAN deployment, which option cannot be across the WAN from the active Cisco Unified CCX site?

Answer :
  • ASR or TTS servers

Which step library is included in the license for Cisco Unified CCX Standard?

Answer :
  • Document steps

What is the maximum number of agents that can be supported by Cisco Unified CCX 11.X when deployed with Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

Answer :
  • 400

Which two resource selection criteria are available for a chat Contact Service Queue? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • Longest available
  • Most skilled

In a typical Cisco Unified CCX agent web chat deployment for an online retail shop, Cisco Social- Miner can be deployed in which location?

Answer :
  • Demilitarized zone

A Cisco Unified CCX deployment is licensed for 120 agent seats, out of which 70 agents log in as chat agents via an independent browser. How many agents will be able to service voice calls via Cisco Agent Desktop in this scenario?

Answer :
  • 120

A preview outbound dialer uses which source and destination resources?

Answer :
  • The ACD line of the agent to the customer

A customer purchases 200 Cisco Unified CCX Premium agent seats. Which two additional items must the customer purchase to be able to run a 30-port outbound IVR campaign? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • 30 outbound IVR ports
  • gateway

Which two items are automatically installed on the Cisco Unified CCX server by the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Installer? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • IVR System Prompts
  • Unified Communications Operating System