Advanced Scripting for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express - ASCCX Quiz Questions and Answers

Agent Email is a Cisco Unified CCX feature is available in which of these packages?

Answer :
  • Premium only

In a high availability over WAN deployment, which option cannot be across the WAN from the active Cisco Unified CCX site?

Answer :
  • ASR or TTS servers

Which step library is included in the license for Cisco Unified CCX Standard?

Answer :
  • Document steps

What is the maximum number of agents that can be supported by Cisco Unified CCX 11.X when deployed with Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

Answer :
  • 400

Which two resource selection criteria are available for a chat Contact Service Queue? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • Longest available
  • Most skilled

In a typical Cisco Unified CCX agent web chat deployment for an online retail shop, Cisco Social- Miner can be deployed in which location?

Answer :
  • Demilitarized zone

Which two items are automatically installed on the Cisco Unified CCX server by the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Installer? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • IVR System Prompts
  • Unified Communications Operating System

Which of the following is not an input that is required when you install Cisco Unified CCX?

Answer :
  • Default language

The Cisco Unified CCX license MAC is generated based on which three items? (Choose three.)

Answer :
  • hostname
  • IP address
  • gateway address

Where can you start, stop, and restart Cisco Unified Contact Center Express services?

Answer :
  • Control Center on Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Serviceability