Advanced Junos Service Provider Routing (AJSPR) Quiz Questions and Answers

Routing policies contain which two types of statements?

Answer :
  • FROM
  • THEN

Which of the below is used to find files or directory from system?

Answer :
  • Find

When multiple users are editing the configuration on a Junos device, what is the default behavior when a user issues a commit command?

Answer :
  • All valid configuration changes made by all users will take effect

Which parameter of the monitor traffic command should be used with caution when considering storage space on a Junos device?

Answer :
  • write-file

Which command will cause this event chassid _term_signal message?

Answer :
  • request system halt

Depending on the device type, Junos is built upon which two OS kernels?

Answer :
  • freebsd
  • linux

What are three functions of the RE?

Answer :
  • to monitor the chassis
  • to maintain the forwarding tables
  • to manage the PFE

Which label function is done by ingress router in mpls domain?

Answer :
  • push

What is the purpose of the load merge command?

Answer :
  • to look for a replace tag in the configuration you load

What is the port number of BGP?

Answer :
  • 179