Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration II Ed 3 Quiz Questions and Answers

A customer has a web application with HTTP Sessions that need to be replicated to a backup site that is more than 100 miles away from the primary site, connected over the Internet. Which type of session replication in WebLogic is recommended?

Answer :
  • Asynchronous Replication

What is the architectural benefit of keeping WebLogic Server transaction log in the database?

Answer :
  • It obviates the need to keep in sync two replication technologies (file and database) between data centers. The single replication technology is used for frequently changing data.

Which three JVM options would you add to investigate performance issues in a Hot-Spot JVM?

Answer :
  • -xx:+PrintGCDetails
  • -xx:+PrintGCTimeStamps
  • -verbose:gc

In WebLogic 10.3.6 and 12c, transaction logs can optionally write to a JDBC store instead of a file store on the file system. Identify the three benefits as a result of this capability.

Answer :
  • Simplified disaster recovery architecture and efforts
  • Common storage of transaction logs with application data
  • Common replication of transaction logs with application data

Which statement is FALSE regarding WebLogic Server 12c?

Answer :
  • supports WebLogic Web Services 8.1 Application Environment

In a Java EE messaging application, one MDB is consuming a lot of memory at high traffic. What configuration should you use to prevent possible out-of-memory error at high traffic and at the same time not losing messages?

Answer :
  • Configure a Work Manager for the MDB with a Minimum Thread Constraint.

Which two tasks can be performed when WLST is in OFFLINE mode?

Answer :
  • modifying the configuration of an offline domain

You are configuring a JMS server with a need for load balancing the messages. To achieve the load balance you should _______and _______.

Answer :
  • use distributed queues and topics
  • not use subdeployments

Which technology does WebLogic Server use to look up a WebLogic JMS resource?

Answer :
  • JNDI

What type of Java EE application can be upgraded to WebLogic 12c using the Smart Upgrade tool?

Answer :
  • iAS