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There is accelerated adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) across Small and Medium Businesses, Large MNCs, and Government entities worldwide. The digital workforce concept is upon us, and failure to embrace it will lead to a significant disadvantage in the coming years. Blue Prism is an RPA tool that helps organizations automate repetitive, manual, and rule-based work in a cost-effective manner. In this regard, Blue Prism offers many certification courses for individuals and enterprise teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of RPA tools, libraries, and run time environments. Check out some of the popular Blue Prism courses offered by Koenig and enroll today!

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Blue Prism Certification Courses

There are many Blue Prism certification courses for individuals, depending on their skills and job role they currently perform in an organization. Blue Prism covers certification courses for most of the RPA environment in an enterprise, which include design, plan, architect, develop, install, and configure the Blue Prism environment and applications. There are as such no different levels, such as Foundation, intermediate, and expert, but the certification courses are divided with regards to the job role one would perform. Below is the list of Blue Prism training courses:

1. Blue Prism Developer Certification Training

This is an entry-level certification offered by Blue Prism for individuals with less or no experience of IT background. With no prerequisites for this Blue Prism Developer course, this is one of the most popular RPA certification courses for professionals to gain a fundamental understanding of RPA, basic programs, tools, and aspects of the Blue Prism Developer certification exam.

2. Blue Prism Installation Engineer Certification Training

This is an intermediate or professional level certification for individuals with a minimum of 1-2 years of experience in the Automation environment. Also, there is a prerequisite to clear Blue Prism Developer certification before you take up Blue Prism Installation Engineer training/certification exam. Participants who take up Blue Prism Installation Engineer course will learn about configuring and deploying Blue Prism architectural components for a successful installation.

3. Blue Prism Professional Developer Certification Training

The Blue Prism Professional Developer Certification is the highest level of certification out there for Blue Prism developers worldwide. There is a prerequisite of Blue Prism Developer Certification for candidates to sit for the Blue Prism Professional Developer training. Participants attending the Blue Prism Professional Developer course will learn about advanced tools and guides in Blue Prism

4. Blue Prism ROM Architect Certification Training

The Blue Prism ROM Architect Certification training is ideal for professionals who are involved in developing the whole architecture for process automation. Participants with minimal IT background knowledge can also opt for this certification training, where they will learn about internal design structure, functioning, handling structural queries, and more.

5. Blue Prism Solution Designer Certification Training

The Blue Prism Solution Designer training is an advanced-level certification which is ideal for professionals who are looking to gain knowledge of creating environments for automation processes in an enterprise. There are no prerequisites for this training; anybody from any background can opt for this Blue Prism Solution Designer certification training.

6. Blue Prism Technical Architect Certification Training

The Blue Prism Technical Architect certification training is an advanced-level certification where professionals will learn about workflow design, advanced tools, and robotized process required to create an apt environment for Blue Prism in an enterprise. There are no prerequisites for this training or Blue Prism Technical ArchiFtect certification exam.

Who can take up Blue Prism Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from Blue Prism Certification training include, but are not limited to:

  • Software Developers
  • System Developers
  • RPA Developers
  • Application Developers
  • Solution Architects
  • Data Architects
  • Technical Analysts
  • Technical Consultants
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Aspiring Blue Prism professionals
  • Professionals who are looking to understand Blue Prism RPA tools and techniques
  • Professionals who are looking to clear their respective Blue Prism certification exams

Reasons to choose Blue Prism Certification Courses from Koenig

  • A comprehensive portfolio of globally-recognized certification and training courses across categories including Blue Prism RPA
  • Begin your RPA career journey with internationally acknowledge Blue Prism certification courses
  • Expert Blue Prism instructors and hands-on labs to clear your relevant examinations
  • Blue Prism certification course material prepared by SMEs with regular content updates
  • Get Blue Prism online training from an accredited Blue Prism Training Partner
  • Get options to attend both 8 hours/ day or 4 hours/ day training according to your convenience
  • Get customized dates for both public workshops and corporate training programs for Blue Prism courses
  • Multiple training delivery modes that also include 1-on-1 training for dedicated attention
  • Take part in ‘Guaranteed to Run’ Blue Prism Certification sessions with ‘Exam Pass Guarantee’
  • Stay relevant by upskilling with widely-recognized Blue Prism certification training courses

Benefits of Blue Prism Certification Training

  1. Stay relevant in the world of automation and digital workforce engagement across industry sectors worldwide
  2. Demonstrate commitment and continual learning towards your profession by earning various Blue Prism certification training across various job roles
  3. Grow exponentially in your career by achieving greater salary package. According to job portal, the average salary for Blue Prism certified professionals will be in the range of USD 97,000 to USD 170,000 per year in the US. The salary depends on the job role, location, and experience of an individual.
  4. Have a scalable career with Blue Prism certification courses starting from Developer, Installation Engineer, ROM Architect, Professional Developer, Solution Designer, and Technical Architect.
  5. Professionals with minimal or no experience from the IT background can also be part of Blue Prism training, as many of its courses do not have any prerequisites to sit for the training/Blue Prism Certification Exam.
  6. Be ready for the uncertain future to where Digital Workforce will be the new norm with Robotic Process Automation almost replacing repetitive and rule-based processes in enterprises globally
  7. Find a new career path and gain global recognition with Blue Prism Certification Training courses.
  8. Get Blue Prism training collaterals from both Blue Prism and Koenig to achieve your certifications.
  9. Join the new RPA professional network with Blue Prism certified professionals globally to understand how RPA is slowly being integrated across various sectors.

Blue Prism Certification Process

There are many ways through which an individual can become Blue Prism Certified Professional, some of the key steps are:

  • Select relevant Blue Prism Certification training of your choice in your location
  • Make the payment for the Blue Prism Certification course
  • Start your preparation for the training by thoroughly reading relevant Blue Prism training collaterals provided by both Koenig and Blue Prism
  • Prepare for the exam by taking up Blue Prism Certification Exam mock tests
  • Work on areas of your weakness and prepare well for the training
  • Apply for the Blue Prism certification exam on the official Blue Prism website or get the exam voucher from Koenig
  • Take part in the official Blue Prism Certification exam and clear on your first attempt
  • Your Blue Prism Certification is valid for life


No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

You can enrol for Blue Prism Certification training by:

  • Selecting the relevant Blue Prism certification course and schedule from the dates given
  • Enroll for the Blue Prism Online course of your choice by making the payment
  • Get Blue Prism certification pre-reading materials from Koenig Solutions and start your preparation

Participants who enrol for the Blue Prism certification training will get:

  • A copy of the Blue Prism course material
  • Blue Prism Certification Exam Sample Papers
  • Course completion certificate

There are many reference materials for Blue Prism Certification courses, for which you have to visit the official Blue Prism page to understand:

  • What are the various Blue Prism Certification courses available
  • How to prepare for a particular Blue Prism certification course
  • Skills Measured for different Blue Prism certification exams
  • Blue Prism certification exam resources, and more

Yes, Koenig Solutions is an accredited Blue Prism Training Partner to deliver Blue Prism Certification Training worldwide.

You can take up this Blue Prism certification training course in multiple delivery modes that include:

  • Instructor-led classroom training
  • Instructor-led Live online training
  • 1-on-1 training
  • Fly-me-a-Trainer
  • Corporate/on-site training

  • The cost of Blue Prism Developer Certification Exam is USD 65
  • The cost of Blue Prism Installation Engineer Certification Exam is USD 125
  • The cost of Blue Prism Professional Developer Certification Exam is USD 65
  • The cost of Blue Prism ROM Architect Certification Exam is USD 100
  • The cost of Blue Prism Solution Designer Certification Exam is USD 100
  • The cost of Blue Prism Technical Architect Certification Exam is USD 125

No, the course fee does not include the Blue Prism certification examination fee. By taking up the Blue Prism training, you are only paying for the training and not for the exam. The certification exam cost for Blue Prism certifications is in the range of USD 65 to USD 125, depending upon the Blue Prism Certification exam level that you will be opting for.

Blue Prism offers its certification exams through Pearson Vue worldwide. Check out the nearest Pearson Vue center at your location to take the Blue Prism certification exam.

The Blue Prism Certifications are valid for lifetime. There is no need to renew and maintain Blue Prism certification.

For more information on the Blue Prism courses, you can mail us at, call us at +91 80950 73333 (24x7) and chat with us to get your queries resolved immediately.