Social Responsibility at Koenig Solutions

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important component of Koenig's business strategy.

We firmly believe that doing good for the community is not only ethical, it also pays back in the long term because of increased employee morale and customer goodwill.

Customers, employees and community are the three pillars supporting every enterprise.

Koenig's Mission – "Making the World a Better place through Education"

Koenig's Vision - "Education for All - Everyone a Phd"

An organization's strength and core values are judged not only by its people, but also by the initiatives taken by those people. Organizations are far more bigger and powerful than individuals and hence, have greater potential for social impact. One of the three pillars of foundation that have made Koenig what it is today is the focus on welfare of the community. Apart from its responsibility towards customers and employees, Koenig believes in giving back to the society and works relentlessly in this direction.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a key component of Koenig's business strategy. Being an organization which is high on ethics and values, Koenig's CSR initiative is guided by the mission of making world a better place through education. Rightfully so, Koenig has named its CSR initiative - Koenig Koshish!

School Tuition Projects

Koenig Solutions organizes free of cost tuition classes for the underprivileged school children who need the extra support and guidance. Koenig also provides books to these children free of cost. When the household incomes are low, families can barely afford reference books and tuition classes for their children.  Many students drop out because they are unable to cope up with the pressure. Koenig Koshish is to bring down the dropout rates from school. The results still continue to surpass our own expectations. School authorities and parents alike have seen remarkable difference being made in the lives of these children through Koenig Koshish. There are a total of twelve such school projects run by Koenig, that support the education of nearly 1500 school students.

Books Distribution

On 26th April, 2015 - Koenig Solutions distributed Free School Books to 400 poor and needy students in Delhi, as part of its 9th Annual Book Distribution Event. Many Koenig-ites also pledged their support and contributed generously for this noble cause.

Our Honorable CEO, Mr. Rohit Agarwal inspired the children with his gracious presence and encouraging words. The event was attended by Koenig trainers, our international students, School Principals and other dignitaries from the IT, education and media community.

Koenig organizes these events regularly to help underprivileged children fulfill their need for education.


Vocational Training

Rather than donating food and clothes to the underprivileged, Koenig believes in targeting the underlying root of all problems, that is unemployment and lack of education. By providing free vocational IT training to the unemployed youths, Koenig equips them with useful skills to earn a respectable living and support their families too. We have successfully placed most of these students in various organizations including Koenig itself. Empowering the youth and showing them the right path to success is the key to make society a better place to live in.

Videos for Koenig Koshish

Other Initiatives

The recent Delhi gang rape which has shed light on a number of atrocities that women are subjected to in our country, was a strong enough stimulus for Koenig to act without wasting time. Given the grave circumstances that angry protesters braved at India Gate,

Koenig thought of a peaceful yet potent weapon to fight this evil in a smart way. Koenig employees came together and organized a flash mob dance at Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar, on Republic Day to salute the spirit of a woman. Spectators were touched by this simple gesture and the dance performance became a huge success

You can check out the video at

Also, apart from education, Koenig regularly hosts various other CSR programs such as blood donation camps in its premises in association with Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. The most recent blood donation camp was organized by Koenig on 21 December 2012 which received a stupendous response from Koenigites. Over 100 units of blood was collected in one day!

Additionally, Koenig also actively engages in arranging activities such as Eye donation and an initiative called Vastra Daan in association with Goonj (a leading NGO). All Koenigites gather their old clothes and shoes in huge numbers to be given away to the needy.

Koenig recently launched The objective of this website is to: 

1. Help consumers find honest workers for hassle-free service
2. Help honest people get more work

This database will help people find workers who deliver exceptional service because they are intrinsically honest.

Services included are cab, utility repairs, house work support like plumbing, insurance, electronics, grocery, mobile/automobile repair etc.

Koenig's CSR efforts are guided by Koenig Ethos (a set of philosophical principles followed by everyone working at Koenig).

Koenig sees a direct relationship between honesty and business success.

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