Salesforce Developer Certification using Apex and Visualforce (DEV 450) Training

  • Overview

    Salesforce Developer Training on Apex Visualforce (DEV-450) course explains the essence of the Apex programming and Visualforce markup that facilitate in the customization of applications. Students will learn creation and retrieval of data objects, and programmatically manipulating and storing data associated with these data objects. Participants will learn to write Apex classes, triggers, and test logic by using the testing framework. Common techniques to build Apex solutions will be explored during the course and students will get the opportunity to experience hands-on implementation of the Visualforce pages. Salesforce Developer Course Training at Koenig helps learners gain experience to build data objects and manipulate, retrieve and store data associated with these objects.

    Audience: This Salesforce Developer Certification Course on Apex Visualforce is ideal for program developers who are new to Salesforce platform or those who are responsible for customizing business logic and user interface layers in Salesforce using Visualforce controllers in Apex.

    Salesforce Developer Course Objectives

    • Use declarative interfaces for creating and modifying the objects
    • Write Apex classes and triggers to customize business logics by using DML and SOQL
    • Explain the working of trigger code using the Save Order of Execution
    • Explain the basic concept related to designing programs of multi-tenant platforms
    • Customize UI with Visualforce codes and markups
    • Test Apex and Visualforce with pre-built testing frameworks



    Salesforce Developer Course Content / Exam(s)

    Schedule for Programmatic Development using Apex and Visualforce (DEV 450)
    Course Regular Track (days)
    Programmatic Development using Apex and Visualforce (DEV 450) 5
    Total 5
    • Basic development background (Knowledge of OOPS)
    • Knowledge of any programming language (Java/.NET)
    • DEV 401 training is recommended but not mandatory
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