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C# Advance

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This training will teach developers the programming knowledge and skills that are essential for creating Windows applications with the use of C# language. The main focus will be on advanced features of C#. Students will also be able to get an introduction to the Visual Studio 2012 debugger.

Audience : This course is best suited for the beginners to help them understand basics of C# Programming.

Course Objectives

  • Implementing Edit Functionality for the Students List
  • Implementing Password Complexity by Using an Abstract Method
  • Implementing Insert Functionality for the Students List
  • Performing Operations Asynchronously
  • Saving Changes to the Class List
  • Implementing Enums and Structs
  • Organizing Data into Collections
  • Handling Events
  • Decrypting the Grades Report
  • Creating Data Types to Store User and Grade Information
  • Displaying User and Grade Information
  • Adding Data Validation to the Grade Class
  • Displaying Students in Name Order
  • Creating the ClassFullException Class
  • Creating and Using Entity Data Models
  • Implementing Delete Functionality for the Students List
  • Querying Data by Using LINQ
  • Synchronizing Concurrent Access to Data
  • Encrypting the Grades Report

Course Content / Exam(s)

Schedule for C# Advance
Course # Course Contents Exam # Exam Regular Track
Fast Track
20483B Programming in C# 70-483 Programming in C# 8 5
Balance Days Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions Training Certifications for day of arrival,exam(s) and practice 3 2
Total duration 11 7

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