MCSE Certification & Training Courses

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer is an expert level credential from Microsoft. It is part of the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) certification programs taken by professionals to validate their knowledge and expertise on some of the most popular Microsoft products and services. Employers are always on the lookout for MCSE certified individuals to administer, deploy, operate and optimize Microsoft based technology solutions in enterprise environments. An MCSE is an experienced professional whom the organization can entrust their complex systems with.

To acquire an MCSE, one must be an MCSA first. MCSA or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate is the entry level Microsoft certification.


What is mcse certification?

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert or MCSE Certifications come in many variations, such as Windows Server, SQL, Communication , Cloud Platform and Infrastructure etc.

    An MCSE Training is valued very highly across all industry verticals because the credential holders possess the technical know-how and techniques to perform the highly complex roles using Microsoft technologies.

How much does a MCSE make per year?

  • Depending upon your hands-on experience in the IT industry and the kind of projects you have undertaken, a trained MCSE certification holder could potentially earn in the upwards of $70,000 to $150,000 per year. These positions demand a lot of business solutions expertise and vast knowledge of Microsoft enterprise environment.

How much does it cost to get a MCSE?

  • An MCSE Certification generally consists of three to five exams, Depending upon the specialization you choose for MCSE Course, each exam cost $80 per attempt (Cost in India). These exams are hard to pass on the first attempt unless you have an MCSE training to help you prepare.

What’s the difference between core and elective examinations?

  • Before, when you took the MCSE Certification exam, you had to clear five core examinations. Once passed, you could specialize in an elective course, such as security.

    In the newer approach, the MCSE Courses are streamlined to focus on a specific skill area rather than all of Microsoft operating exams.


What is the value of MCSE for Career ?

  • MCSE Certification is not designed for freshers, but for the experienced professionals on a particular Microsoft environment, like Windows NT, Windows SQL Server, etc.

    A practical hands-on experience with an understanding of the proper utilization of Microsoft tools & techniques is the only way this certification can benefit your career.