Your City

Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. Any Technology.

World class IT education and training is now just a click away.

Koenig offers two innovative models which will transport our certified trainers to your location as per your learning needs.

Instructor Led Online

Koenig's ILO model gives busy professionals a chance to polish their tech skills without travelling a thousand miles away from their workstations. Experts will now be waiting for you on your workstation or laptop to impart live IT training online and prepare you for rewarding career.

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FMAT service is essentially meant for corporate clients who wish to upgrade a whole team's IT skills without the hassle of making the entire staff travel to another location. With this solution, our specialized and certified instructors provide on-premise trainings at customer sites all over the world.

Koenig Solutions offers a myriad of training solutions and service delivery models to suit different needs of our esteemed clientele. You can contact us for a no obligation consulting to decide the best possible option for your unique learning requirements.

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