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Wireless Networks have rapidly replaced the way people connect to the internet. Millions of users are connecting to various networks for professional or personal reasons. With an explosion of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, PDAs etc, everyone is going wireless. This means that we are surrounded by radio waves and although we may marvel at their convenience, they come with their own downsides. Personal and confidential data is at a constant risk if the networks are not tightly secure.

Advanced Wireless Pen Testing with BackTrack course is designed for those professionals who want  to get an understanding of the loopholes/flaws existing in the wireless networks and perform penetration tests to eliminate them. This course will act as a complete guide that lets you to perform security audits using Kali Linux. Kali Linux is the latest version of Backtrack.

Backtrack is one of the most widely used security distribution platforms in the world. The course will cover some of the advanced tools and techniques of hacking and includes Lab exercises to provide a practical demo for every attack discussed.

Course Content / Exam(s)

Schedule for Wireless Hacking with Backtrack/Kali

Course Name
Wireless Hacking with Backtrack/Kali

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of Linux/Unix is required.
  • Good understanding of common networking concepts
  • Basic idea about wireless technologies

Wireless Hacking with Backtrack/Kali Benefits

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Installing and Configuring Backtrack
  • Wireless Penetration Testing Methodologies
  • Setting up a wireless lab
  • Sniffing, cracking and bypassing authentication on WLAN
  • Exploiting flaws in WLAN infrastructure
  • Advanced attacks such as Hirate Attack, Mis-Association Attack, Man-in-the-Middle Attack and many more.

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