Veritas Netbackup 8.2: Advanced Administration Course Overview

Procure the aptitudes to make your information insurance system fruitful with the Veritas NetBackup 8.2: Advanced Administration course. You will learn progressed NetBackup subjects, including NetBackup execution, debacle recuperation, application reinforcements on physical and virtual machines, virtual machine quickening agent reinforcements, and security. This course additionally covers utilizing NetBackup to oversee Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint database reinforcements and reestablishes alongside other current outstanding tasks at hand.


This course is proposed for NetBackup framework directors, framework engineers, specialized help work force, and framework coordination and improvement staff who are answerable for executing new and progressed NetBackup 8.2 highlights and capacities.



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Your will learn:

Module 1: Improving NetBackup Performance
  • NetBackup performance overview
  • Addressing performance issues
  • Managing True Image Restore and synthetic backups
  • Managing FlashBackup backups
  • Using Network Resiliency
  • Labs
  • Understanding security concerns in a backup environment
  • Securing NetBackup port communication
  • Understanding security certificates
  • Configuring NetBackup security certificates
  • Configuring NetBackup with access control
  • Auditing NetBackup
  • Labs
  • Understanding security concerns in a backup environment
  • Encrypting NetBackup deduplication data
  • Using NetBackup client encryption
  • Using NetBackup Key Management Services
  • Labs
  • Introduction to Auto Image Replication
  • Configuring trusted master servers
  • Configuring Auto Image Replication
  • Monitoring Auto Image Replication
  • Restoring from a replicated and imported image
  • Managing and maintaining Auto Image Replication
  • Labs
  • Understanding MSDP architecture
  • Improving deduplication backup performance
  • Optimizing deduplication restores and rehydration
  • Protecting the MSDP backup data and catalog
  • Labs
  • Using the cloud with NetBackup
  • Configure NetBackup cloud storage
  • Managing NetBackup cloud storage and cloud backups
  • NetBackup CloudCatalyst overview
  • Labs
  • Application protection concepts
  • Database backup and restore concepts
  • Customizing generic application backups
  • Labs
  • Introduction to the Oracle database
  • Configuring Oracle database backups
  • Monitoring and maintaining Oracle database backups
  • Oracle database disaster recovery considerations
  • Labs
  • Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Configuring NetBackup for SQL Server Intelligent Policies
  • Monitoring SQL Server database backups
  • SQL Server disaster recovery considerations
  • Labs
  • Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Configuring NetBackup for SharePoint policies
  • SharePoint disaster recovery considerations
  • Labs
  • Introduction to Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Configuring NetBackup for Exchange
  • Exchange and high availability environments
  • Monitoring and maintaining Exchange database backups
  • Exchange disaster recovery considerations
  • Labs
  • Protecting virtual machines with applications
  • Using NetBackup Accelerator for virtual machine backups
  • Restoring individual VDMK files
  • Labs
  • Disaster recovery strategies
  • Controlling media servers used for restores
  • Labs
  • Introduction to NetBackup for NDMP
  • Preparing for NDMP backups
  • Configuring local NDMP backup
  • Configuring remote NDMP backups
  • Accelerator for NDMP filers
  • Protecting a NetApp cDOT NDMP filer
  • Understanding NDMP three-way backups
  • Configuring NDMP three-way backups
  • Configuring NetBackup with legacy Oracle policies
  • Monitoring and maintaining Oracle database backups from legacy policies
  • Using the NetBackup Microsoft SQL Client console
  • Using SQL server batch files in NetBackup policies
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Course Prerequisites

Understudies ought to be acquainted with general system and capacity ideas, and the organization and setup of Windows or Linux working frameworks. Understudies should likewise have one to three years of involvement in essential NetBackup organization, arrangement, and activity. These requirements can be met by going to any rendition of the NetBackup Administration course in addition to extra hands on understanding.

After completion of this course, you will learn how to :

  • Introducing NetBackup
  • Configuring NetBackup Storage
  • Configuring Policies
  • Performing File System Backups
  • Performing File System Restores
  • Configuring Disk Pools
  • Configuring Media Server Deduplication
  • Configuring Tape Storage
  • Managing Tape Storage
  • Performing Virtual Machines Backups
  • Performing Virtual Machines Restores
  • Duplicating Backups Using Storage Lifecycle Policies:
  • Managing and Protecting the NetBackup Catalog
  • Optimizing File System Backups
  • Collecting Logs and Diagnostic Information



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