Veritas Netbackup 8.2: Administration Certification Training Course Overview

The Veritas NetBackup 8.2 Administration instructional class gives the IT proficient guidance on the usefulness of Veritas NetBackup 8.2 programming. You will gain proficiency with the general standards, design, and the board of NetBackup 8.2 Administration, including how to: best use the NetBackup apparatuses and interfaces, viably screen reinforcement tasks, and guarantee information recuperation destinations are met.


This course is expected for specialized experts liable for the plan, setup, activity, checking, or backing of NetBackup.


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Veritas Netbackup 8.2: Administration (40 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Introducing NetBackup
  • Data protection and the NetBackup environment
  • NetBackup concepts
  • NetBackup Appliance Overview
  • Using the NetBackup Administration Console
  • Using the NetBackup web interface
  • Using NetBackup OpsCente
  • Labs:
Module 2: Configuring NetBackup Storage
  • NetBackup storage device concepts
  • Configuring and managing a basic disk storage unit
  • Configuring storage unit groups
  • Labs:
Module 3: Configuring Policies
  • Introduction to backup policies
  • Creating and configuring policy attributes
  • Creating a policy schedule
  • Adding client to a policy
  • Creating backup selections
  • Managing existing policies
  • Labs:
Module 4: Performing File System Backups
  • Using and customizing the NetBackup Activity Monitor
  • Performing manual backup operations
  • Performing user-directed backups
  • Backup job-related tips
  • Labs:
Module 5: Performing File System Restores
  • Introduction to restores
  • Performing restore operations using the BAR interface
  • Performing restore operations using OpsCenter Operational Restore
  • Restore job-related tips
  • Labs:
Module 6: Configuring Disk Pools
  • Understanding disk pools and AdvancedDisk
  • Configuring AdvancedDisk
  • Managing AdvancedDisk storage
  • Labs:
Module 7: Configuring Media Server Deduplication
  • Introduction to NetBackup deduplication
  • Configuring NetBackup media server deduplication
  • Configuring client-side deduplication
  • Managing NetBackup deduplication
  • Labs:
Module 8: Configuring Tape Storage
  • Understanding Media Manager storage units
  • Configuring tape devices
  • Verifying tape storage
  • NetBackup media concepts
  • Configuring media
  • Labs:
Module 9: Managing Tape Storage
  • Managing robots and tape drives
  • Monitoring media and media states
  • Managing tapes
  • Media- and device- related tips
  • Labs:
Module 10: Performing Virtual Machines Backups
  • Introduction to virtual machine backups
  • Configuring VMware backups
  • Protecting VMware Assets using the web UI
  • Performing and Monitoring VM Backups
  • Labs:
Module 11: Performing Virtual Machines Restores
  • Managing virtual machine restores
  • Managing VMware restores
  • Using VMware Instant Recovery
  • Labs:
Module 12: Duplicating Backups Using Storage Lifecycle Policies
  • Backup duplication concepts
  • Storage lifecycle policy concepts
  • Using storage lifecycle policies
  • Additional Storage Lifecycle Policy features and benefits
  • Labs:
Module 13: Managing and Protecting the NetBackup Catalog
  • Introduction to NetBackup catalogs
  • Managing images
  • Configuring a catalog backup policy
  • Disaster recovery strategies
  • Labs:
Module 14: Optimizing File System Backups
  • File system backup challenges
  • Optimizing file system backups
  • Optimizing file system backups with NetBackup Accelerator
  • Using multiple data streams
  • Optimizing tape drive performance using multiplexing
  • Handling busy files on UNIX and Windows file systems
  • Labs:
Module 15: Collecting Logs and Diagnostic Information
  • Performing basic NetBackup troubleshooting
  • Identifying NetBackup processes, services, and daemons
  • NetBackup logging overview
  • Using the support utilities
  • Using NetBackup support resources
  • Labs:
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Course Prerequisites
  • Understudies ought to be acquainted with general system and capacity ideas, and the organization and setup of Windows or Linux working frameworks.


After completion of this course, you will learn how to :

  • Discuss the difficulties of performing reinforcements in the present endeavor registering conditions.
  • Describe the elements of the ace server, media servers, and customers.
  • Diagram the Veritas NetBackup item engineering.
  • Define basic terms utilized in the Veritas NetBackup item.
  • Describe how Veritas NetBackup backs up and reestablishes information.
  • Identify Veritas NetBackup choices and specialists.
  • Use the Veritas NetBackup Administration Console and OpsCenter.
  • Configure and oversee fundamental plate stockpiling units and capacity unit gatherings.
  • Configure record framework reinforcement approaches and timetables.
  • Perform manual reinforcements and client coordinated reinforcements.
  • Restore documents utilizing the Java or Windows BAR interface and OpsCenter Operational Restore.
  • Monitor Veritas NetBackup reinforcement and reestablish employments and perform fundamental investigating and data gathering steps identified with bombing occupations.
  • Configure and oversee Advanced Disk stockpiling units and plate pools.
  • Configure tape-based gadgets and volume pools; play out a robot stock.
  • Manage robot and tape drive settings, including media sharing.
  • Monitor and oversee media and media states.
  • Configure, run, and oversee virtual machine reinforcements utilizing VMware.
  • Recover virtual machines, including utilizing VMware Instant Recovery.
  • Use the coordinated Veritas NetBackup vSphere Web Client Plug-in for VMware.
  • Describe the different techniques for reinforcement picture duplication.
  • Configure Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLPs) and start occupations that utilization SLPs.
  • Manage the Veritas NetBackup inventory to scan for, confirm, copy, import, and terminate reinforcement pictures.
  • Back up and recoup the Veritas NetBackup indexes.
  • Optimize record framework reinforcements utilizing steady reinforcements, True Image Restore, engineered reinforcements, Veritas NetBackup Accelerator, numerous information streams, and multiplexing.
  • Identify and use assets for investigating Veritas NetBackup, including the help data gathering apparatuses related.



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