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The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF is a popular framework in use for enterprise architecture. To improve business efficiency, TOGAF is used by some of the top organizations in the world. TOGAF is a standard defined by The Open Group which is an industry consortium having members including top companies like IBM, Oracle, Capgemini, and even government agencies like NASA. As per The Open Group website, as many as 50,000 Enterprise Architects have been trained all around the globe on TOGAF.

The four different types of architectures that constitute enterprise architecture include Business Architecture, IT Architecture, Data/Information Architecture, and Application Architecture. As you commit to taking the TOGAF training you will learn more about these different subsets in detail.

For organizations, hiring TOGAF certified professionals will help reinforce trust in the eyes of their customers as it a globally accepted benchmark for hiring professionals for critical roles and responsibilities. Completing a TOGAF certification will demonstrate to your current and prospective employer your commitment to enterprise architecture and will demonstrate your understanding of the established standards, architecture methodologies & frameworks.

At Koenig Solutions, we are at the forefront of providing the best of training to help you successfully clear the TOGAF exam. Join us and see the difference.

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