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TOGAF is an Industry recognized Enterprise Architecture framework used internationally. This framework is envisioned for IT Architects, Enterprise Architects, Business Architects, Data Architects, Solutions Architects, Systems Architects, and other responsible for or associated with the Architecture function in a business.

Audience: This training is intended for the participants who require advanced knowledge of TOGAF®9.1. It also assists participants in acquiring Level 2 certification.

Course Content / Exam(s)

Schedule for TOGAF ® 9 Training Course Level 2 (Certified)

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TOGAF ® 9 Training Course Level 2 (Certified)TOGAF Certification3

TOGAF ® 9 Training Course Level 2 (Certified) Benefits

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:

  • Comprehend Enterprise Continuum
  • Comprehend Opportunities and Solutions and Planning Techniques
  • Comprehend Migration Planning and Techniques
  • Comprehend The Architecture Repository
  • Comprehend Architecture Governance
  • Comprehend Business Scenarios
  • Comprehend Stakeholder Management
  • Comprehend Architecture Views and Viewpoints
  • Comprehend Business Architecture
  • Comprehend Information Systems Architectures
  • Comprehend how to build Blocks and the ADM
  • Comprehend The Architecture Content Framework
  • Comprehend The Preliminary Phase
  • Comprehend Data Architecture
  • Comprehend Applications Architecture, and the III-RM
  • Comprehend Technology Architecture and Foundation Architecture
  • Comprehend Architecture Vision and Implementation Support Techniques
  • Comprehend The Architecture Content Metamodel

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