SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Advanced Administration Quiz Questions and Answers

Which command is used to create cgroups?

Answer :
  • mount

The first argument is read by the shell into the parameter ___.

Answer :
  • $1

The __________ file needs to be updated when a new library is added.

Answer :

Which Zypper command is used to search for packages?

Answer :
  • zypper pch []

Whatr is the full form of RMT?

Answer :
  • Repository mirroring tool

Which argument is used for redirect errors and appending a file?

Answer :
  • 2>>

Which command used to Redirect standard output to a file and the terminal?

Answer :
  • tee

Choose the best answer for use of kernel module?(Choose Two)

Answer :
  • Extend Functionality of the Linux Kernel
  • To provide access to hardware

In Network Namespaces, Each copy has its own.............?(CHOOSE THREE)

Answer :
  • Routes
  • Devices
  • Firewall Rules

Choose all the best features of IPV6?

Answer :
  • Increased Address Space
  • 128Bits
  • Improvments in routing capabilities