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This was my first time at Koenig Solutions, New Delhi and there was a lot I had heard from my colleagues back in Tanzania...

Yusuf Abdulhussein (Tanzania), JAVA SE 8 Fundamentals 02 Apr to 20 Apr 2012

This was my first time at Koenig Solutions, New Delhi and there was a lot I had heard from my colleagues back in Tanzania. I came here to do Core Java 7 certification, stepping into unknown waters. It was unknown because I came to learn Java, a language completely new to me. The OOP concepts that I studied over 8 years back completely lost with time and being in the systems development field using Visual Basic 6 for the past 12 years, this was a huge challenge for me.

My trip was not planned in advance, it just happened out of the blue. Coming to Delhi within a very short time was possible because of the quick response from Koenig Solutions. I had heard that they were well organized but I witnessed it firsthand. Hats off to Koenig, I have never come across any institute who are so well organized and professional in all aspects.

From the warm welcome at the airport to the check-in into the Koenig Student Apartment everything was smooth and well organized. You can feel the warmth of each and every employee of Koenig that you come in contact with, be it the guards, office clerks, drivers or staffs at the training centers, they have a wide smile and warm greetings for you all the time.

After a quick introduction and registration process I was whisked to my class where I met my trainer, a young, smart, knowledgeable and enthusiastic lady who welcomed me warmly and put me to ease. We discussed about my expectation from the course. My sole aim was to get knowledge in Java (period), but after her advice and the training programme she had prepared for me, I just had to go for it.

My time at Koenig Solutions was fun & exciting and my trainer was very interactive, knowledgeable and a quick problem solver and made me grasp the concepts of Java in no time. We did a lot of exercises and it really helped me to fully understand the theoretical concepts.

As I return back to my country, I don’t have words to express my sincere gratitude firstly to my trainer, for all her effort in making sure I go with Java knowledge embedded in my brain as well as OCJP certification (which was never in my plan). I also like to appreciate the wonderful staffs of Koenig who made my stay very comfortable, enjoyable and above all a very memorable one.

I have no doubt that I will return back to Koenig Solutions for Advanced Java and Web Application Development using JSP in the near future.

I end by saying in Swahili ASANTE SANA (Thank You Very Much).

Kind Regards,