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Honestly, I have travelled in many other countries for workshops and training but I haven't seen such a well organized structure like what I have seen at Koenig Solutions...

Wonder Saye Lablah (Liberia), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA);CCNA Security 16 Jul to 03 Aug 2012

I take this time to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the level of cooperation and hospitality received during my 21 days of training at Koenig Solutions in New Delhi, India.

It was a wonderful experience, one worth remembering. Like I mentioned in my final feedback after the course completion, I will like to reiterate the following:

1. Pick up from airport upon arrival for the training

Honestly, I have travelled in many other countries for workshops and training but I haven't seen such a well organized structure like what I have seen at Koenig Solutions. When I got at the airport, Koenig staff was already standing with my name printed and waiting to receive me. There were three new students arriving at the airport on that day and we were all received and handed our training materials and an envelope which contained 1000 rupees.

2. Hotel Accommodation at Koenig Inn

We were taken straight to our various hotels and at my hotel, I received a very warm welcome from the staff which made me to feel at home and assured. The rooms were well organized and arranged with a small refrigerator, closet, and a chair and table for the study purpose.

3. Transportation from Koenig Inn to training center and back

The drivers were always on time to take us on campus and drive with much care and watchfulness through the busy and cluster streets of Delhi.

4. Breakfast and dinner at the Hotel

The breakfast and dinner at the hotel were prepared earlier than the scheduled time which was really excellent. There were variety of food to select and was a buffet. Everyone had enough to eat.

5. Lunch order at the training center

Lunch order at MN2 was superb. The lunch order system was very effective and efficient.

6. Instructors and support staff at MN2

I found the CCNA and CCNA Security instructors very satisfactory. They demonstrated complete control over the courses being presented and were never short of examples to convey a specific concept. They were always willing to provide clarity on topics students had doubts even after the duration of the training.

7. Exam Results

Words are inadequate to express how much I appreciate your timely intervention in the situation regarding my exam on the eve of my departure from Delhi. I am proud to say that you made me to muster the courage and strength to retake my CCNA exam which I successfully passed finally. It would not have been possible if you had not stepped in to ensure that I retake my exam before returning home to Liberia. I had already mentioned in my final feedback that there is no Prometric Center in Liberia and I still want to use the time to encourage your institution to consider opening a Prometric Center in Liberia. There are a lot of students in Liberia who have gone through various IT and academic training but find it very difficult to sit international exams due to the lack of a Prometric Center in Liberia. Students usually fly to neighboring countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone and Nigeria to write their exams upon completion of their training. This could even serve as awareness for entry into the training program at Koenig.

8. Enquiry or suggestion

Hema, since completing my training at Koenig Solutions, I have been brainstorming on how best I could contribute to your recruitment process in my country, Liberia. I have been pundering over how to serve as a focus person for Koenig in Liberia to assist in your recruitment drive. I have already begun mobilizing and encouraging my colleagues about the training program at Koenig and they have all shown enthusiasm. I have assured them that the chances for passing the international exams are very high at Koenig with the quality of instructors and the availability of equipped labs for practices. As I write, one of my colleagues is preparing to enroll in the September term for the MCDBA program through my influence (Harris Quaqua).

I thought to inform you on this personally so that you could guide and direct me to the right person responsible in order to be a part of your recruitment drive.

Kindly let me know what is required to be considered and the financial benefit I stand to receive in this undertaking.

I also included in my final feedback some popular websites in my country through which Koenig could be advertised.

Thanks for taking out time in your busy schedule to read this mail. I look forward to hearing from you the earliest.


Wonder S. Lablah