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Hello All,I have just completed my RHCT training in Koenig Solutions, New Delhi...

Vinod Kumar Panigrahi (India), RHCT 07 Oct to 16 Oct 2009

Hello All,I have just completed my RHCT training in Koenig Solutions, New Delhi. The training centre is located in the heart of the city. I have stayed in Koenig Inn and the best thing with Koenig Inn is the staff. They are well trained and are very soft spoken. This is my first visit to New Delhi. Being a Indian it was a proud moment for me to be in the capital city of India (Dil waalon ki Dili) i.e. New Delhi. When I came here I found out there is a drastic change in the culture as compare to southern part of India. We Indians believe in Unity in Diversity which is quite true after seeing Delhi.

Now lets talk something about the training. Haaa its very difficult to speak about the training institute and trainer. I am not finding any words to express my feelings about the training. I am working as JE (IT) for IGIAT this is the first time I have got the training which accomplished my all goals. I have tried many other institutes also but Koenig is the best in terms of training infrastructure hospitality or lets say for everything which is related to Koenig Solutions.

You know something I got a trainer who is like a magician of Linux Training. When I opted for the course many people told me do not go for Linux it's very difficult. But my trainer told me a proverb "Linux is as difficult as simple" means if you know the concept it will become simple simple and much simpler for you but if you jump up the steps it is difficult to understand. Today I can say with confidence no Linux is good. I did a mistake but I should opt for RHCE Boot Camp and not RHCT which I opted due to lack of time.

My trainer asked me first day what is your goal for the course just passing the exam or for the knowledge. I didn't understand his question then he told me its worth to get the knowledge and then give the exams as RHCE is not a multiple choice type exam its a performance based exam which checks your real time skills. I am unfortunate that I can not give just RHCT exam so I am not giving the exam. My trainer was not spoon feeding me he was giving me hard time, some time he was harsh and some times he was very soft. One day he cautioned if you will not complete the practical then he will sit on my lap check out his photo n just think if he would have been sat on my lap then what would had happen.

In last I will say I would be recommending more of my colleagues to get training with my trainer. He is great with his knowledge skills and way of teaching really he is a magician. I will be returning back soon to get RHCE Training and if possible RHCSS with my trainer only.

Final compliment to the Centre manager Ms. Hema of Delhi centre she is very humble and supportive. Sorry Sorry I forgot one name, thanks to Manisha (Help Desk Executive).

Best of Luck to Koenig Solutions for their future.

Happy Training!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vinod Kumar Panigrahi