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My first Koenig experience in Dubai was a great one! I have chosen to do the CompTIA course which consisted of A+, N+, and Security+...

Tharrin Walker (Kuwait), A+ (2009), Network+ & Security+ 18 Feb to 03 Mar 2012

My first Koenig experience in Dubai was a great one!  I have chosen to do the CompTIA course which consisted of A+, N+, and Security+. I had little experience in the IT field except for playing around with my own personal computers. But I had realized a couple of years back that I had a passion to tinker around with computers and to learn how they work. I have chosen this course in a hope for a career change from the logistics field to the IT field.

Before deciding on choosing this course, I had a mountain of questions for the sales representative who was very knowledgeable. She had eased any concerns I had about the validity of the company/program.  She was very responsive (either by email or phone). Rarely did I have to wait longer than 24 hours to receive a reply.

Upon arriving in Dubai, from Kuwait, I had received several maps (4 each) from Koenig previously before departing which I had given to the taxi driver at the airport. The maps were clear, but could have been more precise. 2 maps were for directions to the training center and 2 maps were for going to the Koenig Student Apartment. Since they were not clearly marked, which one was which, the driver and also me were confused about exactly where we needed to go.

Upon finally arriving to the Koenig Apartment, I was met by one of the assistance who guided me to my apartment. The Koenig Student Apartment was nice, clean, and also in a centralized area. Shortly after settling into my room I had received a knock on my bedroom door, by one of the assistance, to let me know that dinner was ready. The meals were fabulous and plentiful!

For the training center, transportation was provided to and from the apartment to the training center every morning and evening.  The training center was also clean and in a great location! The classrooms were small and personal (just one other student in my first class), which I had personally found to be the best scenario for my learning environment.

The instructors/staff are very friendly with a vast array of knowledge! The fast track courses are fast, but not too fast for someone with little to know experience. Dubai is a beautiful country with plenty of distractions. It’s important to stay focus on your overall educational goal and you should not have any problems completing whatever educational goal you have set after.

I would definitely advise anyone who is interested in continuing their education, in the IT field, to try in Koenig Solutions! I will definitely return for my further education. And just in case anyone is curious about my percentage, I had scored 97% on my first exam!