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I am Temitope Adelekan. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience in Koenig Solutions with my fellow IT professionals...

Temitope Adelekan (Nigeria), Career Enabler™ -SharePoint 2010- Application Developer 25 Apr to 25 May 2011

I am Temitope Adelekan. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience in Koenig Solutions with my fellow IT professionals. There is a whole lot to share but will prefer everyone to come and have the experience yourself and share your own side of the story.

From the day I started with e-mail conversations with Koenig Solutions staff, they are always on time, directed me with the detailed information needed. They guided me and they are always on time to attend me with no delay anytime.

I booked my ticket. No direct flight from my country to India, so I have to fly to Qatar first and from there to my final destination (Goa). It was fun on the plane with so much to eat and lots of entertainment on arriving at Qatar. I loved it but looking forward at the time how long I have to fly, that got me really sad because 23 hrs is not a joke but I pulled through. So you can also do it or better still, you can choose to fly to Dubai and from Dubai to Mumbai (India) and from Mumbai to Goa any which ways is fine.

My first and last day at Koenig Solutions is a day I will never forget. Great people, the hospitality is also great. Thank you everyone.

Koenig IT is efficient, i.e. 100%. Trainers are great, highly experienced, reserved and won't mind to repeat a topic over and over. They are excellent. The customer service is of international standard. The learning environment is clean, serene, quiet, and well equipped.

Koenig Student Apartment to me is better compared to a 5-star hotel because breakfast, lunch and dinner are always on time with the chances of meeting new friends at the dinning. (Great friends like Papa Joel, Dennis, Olly, Ade, Alvero, Dave, Camilla etc. the list is endless). You can use Satellite TV, Internet, AC, reading table with lamps, wardrobe, air freshener, bed sheets change, towel, duvet etc. anytime you want because cleaner comes everyday to take care of the apartment. You have options of food. You can tell the cook (Sanjay or Mr. Gomes) what you will like to eat and provide the food stuffs. Before you know it, it is ready.

It was 2 minutes walk from training center to the apartment. The apartment has an amazing laundry service with a washing machine available at your apartment for anytime use. It has a great tourist attraction. I cannot wait to come back again later this year. Ask at the center.

Koenig training is flexible and they are always ready to assist you in every way they can in making sure your dreams are achieved.

Also, my gratitude goes to all my trainers. You guys are wonderful. Thanks

I enrolled for Career Enabler™ - SharePoint 2010 - Administrator training and was able to complete the following certifications - CompTIA Network+, Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration, SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance, SharePoint Configuration and SharePoint Administration 2010 in 33 days. And I love the internship session also.

God Bless Koenig Solutions, God Bless the People of India, God Bless my brother for the vision and for introducing me to Koenig. Such a great experience, I don't want to forget soon.

I can't wait to be back. Like it's always said Incredible India.

Temitope Abiodun Adelekan