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I have enjoyed the classes and labs with trainer  and I have gained so much knowledge and got a reply of so many unanswered questions in my real production scenario...

Tarig Ibrahim Elemam Moheildin (Sudan), MCITP: Server Administratorold – Windows Server 2008 18 Nov to 02 Dec 2011

It's always a long flight time from my home to India, but once you arrive in India, immediately a strange strength and energy engine turns on, all human senses feel that there is something different.

This is my second time being in India, but different cities and states, and people are always the same- smart, smiling, welcoming and simple and I love the simplicity. Overall I will always keep saying that India is a reason behind my current job, it gave me an easy tasted knowledge and made me able to run my own organization business in a proper manner.

About Goa- I think Goa is a city which makes you always think that you want to come back here again to the people you love and care. I have been amazed by the environment and the clean wonderful beaches, and also with the nice, sweet and simple people. It’s a peace from heaven, and everybody wants to be in heaven..... well... I am in it now.

I still remember the time when I was searching internet for a good training center in the Middle-east (near to my country) for pursuing MCITP training (Course# 6421A, 6425B and 10135A), fast track and for some reason the search kept knocking in India. Somehow I found myself in Koenig website comparing prices and add to that in my previous experience in India, I decided to inform my managers that this is it and I will do my training in India and I started contacting so many training centers, and I have been very satisfied by the quick response of Koenig and their high availability answering questions.  They are replying to my queries in a very professional and convenient way (special thanks to the sales representative in Delhi) and all this approaches leads me to a real believe that Koenig training center is the best. When I arrived in Koenig Solutions, Goa and started my MCITP course, they simply made everything easy and accessible.

My MCITP trainer....well well well, she was just a patient girl to handle me, and I do appreciate her. I also adore the way she made the topics easy and simple. I liked her personality in explaining those topics, she also knows what she is doing and she has this eye to categorize her student the best way he/she can understand the lessons and subjects.

I would love to come back again and I would love to see her training me again as well. Overall I have enjoyed the classes and labs with her and I have gained so much knowledge and got a reply of so many unanswered questions in my real production scenario.

Thank you all for reading my words and forgive me for my English, I am still an Arabic tongue man :)

Best regards
Tarig Elemam
IT Officer
IOM Sudan