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Dear All,I am a SQL Server DBA, based in Delhi and am going to tell you the shortcut to make more money in your career.

Sujeet Kumar (India), MCITP Database Administrator: SQL Server 2008 15 Nov to 19 Nov 2010

Dear All,

I am a SQL Server DBA, based in Delhi and am going to tell you the shortcut to make more money in your career. Though I have good hands-on in my 11 years experience but to earn more, you need to keep yourself along with the latest technologies and prove your knowledge via certifications. And that is exactly Koenig Solution offers. It’s a one stop shop where you can get all these and I found Koenig Solutions (based in Delhi, India) to be the best among other training institutes.

So, let me share my experience with Koenig Solutions. The first thing which I liked most about Koenig is that, whatever they promise you on the website, they follow the same religiously. It was such an amazing experience to see all people coming across the world to Koenig Solutions for different trainings to prosper their career growth.

Now talking about my IT training course – I came twice to Koenig Solutions, first to have the SQL Server 2008 DBA Certification; and then completed my SharePoint 2010 Administration training along with XML. To be honest, my first experience was so good that I did NOT look for any other option for my second training. SQL Server 2008 training was much easier for me as I am from the same stream but SharePoint was new for me and I knew nothing about it. I checked with Saguna and she helped me to choose for a one on one training for 5 days.

All my instructors were just amazing and from day one they started giving me the confidence about the subject / topic where I needed more understanding. All of them are masters in their area and we discussed the relevant topics. For me, it was a fun based knowledge transfer session and when it finished, I was a Microsoft Certified SQL Server 2008 and then SharePoint Administrator 2010.

SQL Server DBA is a highly paid job and when experienced, earns you a lot of money. So, for all those who want to become a DBA but have less or no idea of how to go about it, I have started a blog. Just have a look and you can ask your questions or put your comments there. I am also reachable at sujeetsaha@gmail.com.

I would like to thank each one in Koenig especially to my trainers, Koenig staff, the facilitators and all others to make this knowledge session so fruitful and experiencing. I also wish Koenig Solutions all the best and thanks once again as I came here alone but have memories of lot of friends from different countries.

I strongly believe that I'll be coming here next time as well for further courses.

Sujeet Kumar.
SQL DBA / SharePoint Administrator
Delhi, India